Saturday, February 19, 2005

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Shutdown demanded

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Shutdown demanded: "Sat, February 19, 2005

Lets see - what employs 750 government health workers, services 400 people
and is about to cost 40 million dollars more- and the customers do not want it? The development centre -appears to be another misguided health spending action by your government with your money. - this is a "take for granted" form of institutional terrorism -Proactive Rants

Shutdown demanded

Protesters want centre for the disabled closed


More than 200 angry protesters descended on the legislature yesterday demanding the Doer government shut down a Portage la Prairie facility for those with developmental disabilities. But Family Services Minister Christine Melnick said there are no plans to do that. The province still plans to spend $40 million renovating the Manitoba Developmental Centre, she said.
The protesters -- many of whom were disabled -- hoisted signs that read Inclusion and Exclusion, Hell No, We Won't go and Free the People.
Rally organizer Shelley Rattai, also a spokeswoman for People First Canada, said the $40 million would be better spent helping the residents of the centre learn to live in the community.
'We'd like to see individual plans made for people to return to communities and live in houses and be part of the community"

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Anonymous said...

You could spend 40 billion dollars but its not going to alter the condition of an MDC patient with the mental ability of a 2 year old in such a way that they can live "normally" within a larger public community. All its going to do is strip them of their structured and stable environments all for what? So a few of you don't have to feel guilty about treating someone different. What you should feel guilty about is robbing the tax payer of their money;if your cause were worthwhile you wouldn't need the feds to pry dollars from our pockets to pay for it. Please stop comparing the MDC to residential schools and orphanages. Do you know how badly we could use an orphanage...we have so many kids living in god-damned hotel rooms right now. The residential school system of yesteryear is an ethnic and religious issue, its creation and ramifications are of an entirely different nature.