Sunday, February 20, 2005

Why not just recall McGuinty- he is not up to the task of leading the largest province

Let's see he promised not to increase taxes and then he did, he arrogantly said that the voters can have their say 4 years from now- so much for accountablity- he fights with everyone that we need to have on our side- he avoids making necessary decisions to improve service to the public by breaking poor performing government monopilies-if this keeps up under his doctrinaire and shrill leadership we will not have a province of note- . Mr McQuinty-show some leadership call for a public referendum , or an election to see what your constituents think P-R

McGuinty started asking for the extra cash after the federal government's recent agreement to allow Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to keep all their offshore oil and gas revenues without a clawback in equalization payments.

McGuinty also said a $400-million funding announcement made earlier this week for Casino Windsor was justified because the money it generates is reinvested in the province's schools and hospitals.

"We are in a very tight competition with the Americans when it comes to casinos," he said.

"Sometimes you got to spend money to make money."
Help for Ont. aids Canada: McGuinty ( Why not ask the people to help you help Ontario)News | network

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Bob said...

Again, McGuinty, a confirmed "box thinker", refuses to understand that there are legitimate ways to cut the cost of healthcare, education etc. and still improve service. If you need details, Dalton, old boy, I'll be happy to do some consulting for you!!