Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Over 300,000 people have died in the wave . We can help alleviate some of the damage.

We have a business relationship with Durakit which can provide emergency housing. Be part of the direct help solution. One 40 foot shipping container contains 32 houses , a house costs $1500 and can be up in 1 day. (2 hours to assemble)
See or the actual unit view There is a federal non profit that would give tax receipts.

Durakit has a request for 37,000 house from the Minister of Finance in Bangladesh-but needs to get funded. Give this some thought-how we can provided direct help to the wave victims.

1. Let each school commit to a house - we will give them a plaque and recognition
2. Let each church commit to a house - we will give them the same
3. Let each local organization commit to a house -same recognition
4. let your 'suggested organization ' commit-your help and thoughts are appreciated

Your comments please- this is a case where it is better to give then to receive. These people need help.

Warm regards Sieg"

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