Monday, February 21, 2005

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Liberals' nanny state

More on the budget - interesting thought why not let parents take care of their own kids -what a novel idea.Lets do another study to confirm this and defer needed action -chuckle.
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Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Liberals' nanny state: "A survey of 2,000 Canadians conducted by the Vanier Institute of the Family in 2003 found that day-care centres were in fact only the fifth choice of parents with small children.
Most would rather (1) look after their own children at home; (2) have their parents do it; (3) have another relative do it; (4) have access to some other form of home-based care.
Given that 47% of Canadian children are today being looked after by stay-at-home parents, how will Ottawa's plan help them?
What about parents who use some form of child care other than day-care centres? Why is the entire $5 billion going to create day-care centres when they look after only one in four children in Canada?
And given that many parents must use day-care centres, will there be any help for those who use private facilities as opposed to public ones?
The Vanier Institute noted that 'if, as many researchers claim, high quality 'professional' child care has the potential to contribute more to children's well-being than parents seem to realize, a much better job needs to be done of showing (them) why that's the case.'
Better yet, Ottawa could use the $5 billion to lower the huge tax burden it imposes on all families.
That would give parents more disposable income to make their own choices about how to care for their children. "

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