Saturday, February 19, 2005

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Sex extorted from immigrants?

Another unfortunate example of the abuse of power or how you are being served and protected by the people you pay with your tax dollars- disgusting-PR

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Sex extorted from immigrants?
: "TORONTO -- An Immigration Canada investigator boasted his mistress was 'a sex toy' whom he was paid by taxpayers to satisfy, a Superior Court heard Thursday. The investigator met the woman when he was assigned to arrest her husband, who was facing deportation to Guyana. He later described to the husband the graphic details of their liaison after the affair ended in September 2001. She testified her ex-husband, who was eventually deported and later killed himself, taped a call the investigator had made to him.
'God has put me on this earth to make love to your wife and show her what a real man is like,' the woman quoted the investigator as saying. 'Your wife was my sex toy and I was getting paid by my employer to play with her.'
She is now suing the investigator and his employer, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, for damages.
The woman also testified the investigator admitted having numerous affairs with abused women whose tormentors were facing deportation. "

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Bob said...

Sounds as if more than the Minister needs to be fired!!