Monday, February 28, 2005

FRIENDS' "End Patronage at CBC" Campaign - Success!

FRIENDS' "End Patronage at CBC" Campaign - Success!


News | network: "NEWS STORY
Military planners pore over options
Consider new ships, helicopters"

Sunday, February 27, 2005

CANOE -- CNEWS - Law: Illegal tobacco smuggled from S. America, U.S.

And it starts -high taxes cause black markets to re=emerge. Nothing learned from past experience. Govt makes a billion dollars more but at what cost in sponsering new criminal enterprizes. Prohibition worked or did it? Food for thought. PR

CANOE -- CNEWS - Law: Illegal tobacco smuggled from S. America, U.S.

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: An insult to Canadians

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: An insult to Canadians: "Sun, February 27, 2005

An insult to Canadians
Four cents a day. That's what the Liberal tax cut, which doesn't kick in until next year, means to the average Canadian.
It's a tax cut so small that most Canadians won't notice it. It's a tax cut that's delayed so long that we honestly wonder why the Liberals even bothered.
And it's insulting to any Canadian who has been waiting patiently for meaningful tax relief from Ottawa. In an era of massive government surpluses, the Liberals can afford to make real tax cuts that Canadians will actually notice. Instead, starting in 2006, the Liberals will raise the basic personal exemption -- the amount of money Canadians can earn tax-free -- by a whopping $100. "

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Another innovation of our health system - take the mentally sick and put them in jail. How approbriate -just one massive inept institution feeding another .Human recyclying - How innovatively discusting! PR

Click link News | network: "Prisons overloaded with mentally ill
Inept justice system offers little or not treatment: report"

Corrections Canada must spend more on doctors and facilities to treat as many as 1,500 prisoners who need urgent help each day, the internal study concludes.

"The criminal justice system continues to be used to catch those who fall through the gaps in Canada's social safety net," says the Corrections Canada report, obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

In response to Ontario McGuinty 's whine of not fair and not getting our fair share

The fiberal, who promised not to increase taxes and did, -has very little wiggle room or credibility when he asks others to honour their obligations and get more taxpayer spoils.The mismanagement and misguided leadership of McGuinty is making us a laughing stock and Ontario a point of derision. - Why is he so afraid to take issues to the people with plebescites? 3 more years and counting . PA


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Private jail operator getting workers' wages during strike

Interesting -so where is the money going? Is there anyone in charge-makes one wonder about giving McGuinty more federal money -so that he can spend it where?
Private jail operator getting workers' wages during strike

OPSEU going to arbitration over health care premiums

Intersting even the unions -the front line workers are not happy with McGuinty 's health tax . What will happen next?

OPSEU going to arbitration over health care premiums

Public sector workers will pay for new Liberal promises

Fewer layers sounds good to me - less bouncing people from box to box for forms that can be done on the Internet also sounds like a step in the right direction. Lets not be afraid of progress -innovation is normal and healthy. Competitiveness is healthy and normal- the golden rice bowl days should be gone. PR

Public sector workers will pay for new Liberal promises

Future Dreams

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Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Really, Mr. Harper?

More cuts and less government would certainly be better -I agree.
Pay the debt down, we still have 500 billion to go. A 200 billion dollar per year government is too large. PA
Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Really, Mr. Harper?

Budget Plan, 2005

Can we do more? -We can compete and compete -well . CAn the money spent by the government in the 200 billion dollar range annually be fine tuned ? Just like Hockey players get little sympathy for inflated salary demands or expectations - it is no different for government service providors. Where are the benchmarks or measurement creteria to ensure best use of these public funds PR

Could the average Canadian use more then the daily coffee money given in the recent budget?

Budget Plan (Budget 2004)

Posted for purposes of comparison Q-J We do have improvements to be proud of as Canadians - including paying down the debt.
Budget Plan (Budget 2004)

Federal Budget 2005 | Network

Federal Budget 2005 | Network

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

For Entrepreneurs, a Harder World

For Entrepreneurs, a Harder World

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - No whites need apply?

It amazes me that we still have discrimination in this country-in difiance of the Charter of rights - and by the government. PR

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - No whites need apply?

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Feds should repay us extra EI money

There is a lot of room for giving money back to the people

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Feds should repay us extra EI money: "The way I see it, the federal government owes me $1,937, payable immediately -- tax-free. As a working stiff who has paid into employment insurance for years (and never taken a dime in benefits, by the way) that would be my share of the $46 billion Ottawa has robbed from working Canadians by over-charging them on EI premiums"

Budget watch - reduce taxes improve living conditions

We know from their track record that Liberals high-handedly dispute the assertion we Canadians are notoriously overtaxed. But the backbreaking burden we shoulder from taxes is not a conservative fantasy. Toronto-Dominion Bank's chief economist, Don Drummond, released a report last month showing living standards of the average Canadian have hardly risen in 15 years.

read sun comment:

FCPP Events :: Should Canada Permit More Private Health Care?

FCPP Events :: Should Canada Permit More Private Health Care?: "Should Canada Permit More Private Health Care?
An economic review of countries that allow private hospitals and insurance systems
Guest Speaker: Dr. Philippe Cyrenne, Professor of Economics, University of Winnipeg
The Canadian healthcare system differs in one important respect from other major democracies that offer universal access and public financing. Delivery and financial systems in those countries integrate private-sector involvement on a much larger scale. Dr. Cyrenne?s recent book considers whether hospital services in Canada should be privatized to the same degree as physician services and assesses the success of countries that have moved further along that path. He also considers how the use of parallel private insurance coverage affects waiting times and service quality in public systems. Pdf flyer"

Monday, February 21, 2005

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Liberals' nanny state

More on the budget - interesting thought why not let parents take care of their own kids -what a novel idea.Lets do another study to confirm this and defer needed action -chuckle.
Click to read

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Liberals' nanny state: "A survey of 2,000 Canadians conducted by the Vanier Institute of the Family in 2003 found that day-care centres were in fact only the fifth choice of parents with small children.
Most would rather (1) look after their own children at home; (2) have their parents do it; (3) have another relative do it; (4) have access to some other form of home-based care.
Given that 47% of Canadian children are today being looked after by stay-at-home parents, how will Ottawa's plan help them?
What about parents who use some form of child care other than day-care centres? Why is the entire $5 billion going to create day-care centres when they look after only one in four children in Canada?
And given that many parents must use day-care centres, will there be any help for those who use private facilities as opposed to public ones?
The Vanier Institute noted that 'if, as many researchers claim, high quality 'professional' child care has the potential to contribute more to children's well-being than parents seem to realize, a much better job needs to be done of showing (them) why that's the case.'
Better yet, Ottawa could use the $5 billion to lower the huge tax burden it imposes on all families.
That would give parents more disposable income to make their own choices about how to care for their children. "

Federal Budget 2005 | Network

Hold your breath folks the budget is coming. We are all going to be interested to see what the Feds deem to be fair. How about getting rid of some of the boondoogles like the gun registry -which does not work and nobody including the police cheifs want- and channeling the savings into needed programs - P-R
click for story Federal Budget 2005 | Network

Osprey Media Group Inc. - Brantford Expositor

Osprey Media Group Inc. - Brantford Expositor: "Name: Bill
Comment: Re: mcguinty
The liberals are planning on building a multi million dollar research facility at Trent University for the MNR to study rabies. Rabies are a non issue in the province of Ontario and has been a non issue for a number of years. This is the kind of waste your tax dollars are going to. The MNR is a waste in itself. They do nothing to protect or preserve our resources unless it has a direct impact on fishing and especially hunting. A very small percentage of our population is involved in this 'sport' but a extremely large sum of money is spent to run this organization that does not even do half of what their responsibilities are. These MNR is not accountable. Boondogle anyone?
Brantford, Ontario
Date: 2/20/2005 "

Osprey Media Group Inc. - Brantford Expositor

Osprey Media Group Inc. - Brantford Expositor

Osprey Media Group Inc. - Brantford Expositor

Osprey Media Group Inc. - Brantford Expositor

Yahoo! News - Waist Circumference Predicts Heart Disease Risk

Yahoo! News - Waist Circumference Predicts Heart Disease Risk: "Waist Circumference Predicts Heart Disease Risk

1 hour, 31 minutes ago Health - Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The circumference of your waist correlates more closely with several known risk factors for heart disease than does your body mass index (BMI) -- the measure of weight in relation to height -- according to a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (news - web sites).
Yahoo! Health
Have questions about your health?
Find answers here.

The findings are based on an analysis of data from 10,969 subjects who participated in the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 1998 to 1994.
Dr. Shankuan Zhu, from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and colleagues found that waist circumference was more strongly tied to cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels than was BMI.
Among men, the circumferences that were equivalent in terms of cardiovascular risk to being overweight or obese were highest for whites, lowest for blacks, and intermediate for Mexican Americans. By contrast, the waist measurement cutoffs among women varied little by ethnicity.
Combining the data from the three ethnic groups, waist measurements of 89 and 101 centimeters (35 and 40 inches) in men conferred a cardiovascular risk comparable to BMIs of 25 (overweight) and 30 (obese).
The waistlines with the corresponding risks for women were 83 and 94 cm (about 33 and 37 ins).
'The present study reports waist circumference cutoffs that correspond to well-established BMI cutoffs, recommended by the World Health Organization (news - web sites) and the National Institutes of Health (news "

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Cost to clean up sponsorship mess soars

Gosh Mr Dithers when is it going to end and when is the bleeding at the public trough going to stop- 70-80 million is a lot of money which could be spent for such unimportant priorities as health . However we agree that political accountability is important as well- PR

click here for story News network

lawyers good practise links -Canadian Bar association

Need a lawyer to follow your instructions well -this is a good link for you. PA


CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: Caretakers sue boss for forcing them to bare breasts for Koko the gorilla

And well they should -chuckle CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: Caretakers sue boss for forcing them to bare breasts for Koko the gorilla

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Mr. Dithers goes global

More on Mr Martin or Mr Dither of the fiberals -chuckle - It looks like the name will stick

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Mr. Dithers goes global: "Sun, February 20, 2005

Mr. Dithers goes global

By Bill Rodgers
It's a politician's worst nightmare -- a disparaging name that sticks. For Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Liberals, it's Fiberals. Now, Prime Minister Paul Martin just can't shake the nickname Mr. Dithers. The prestigious British mag, The Economist -- a Martin cheerleader when he was finance minister -- has shifted gears, publishing an article last week under the headline 'Mr. Dithers and his distracting fiscal cafeteria.'
The magazine says Martin's solution to every problem he confronts as PM is to throw money at it, adding, he is preoccupied with courting popularity 'by parading a generous social conscience.'
In the Commons on Friday, the opposition jumped all over the Mr. Dithers moniker. Conservative Deputy Leader Peter MacKay gave it a workout while demanding the government produce a plan to reduce air pollution.
Here's a sample: 'We've had the Mad as Hell tour, the What the Hell tour and now Mr. Dithers Goes Global. While the prime minister his gaseous emissions minister continue to dither, emissions are rising. When will the dithering stop and some decisiveness begin?"
-click on link for full story "

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Kyoto hit could be a whopper

Watch your wallets folks -another boondoggle is coming -P-A

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Kyoto hit could be a whopper: "Kyoto hit could be a whopper
The Kyoto Protocol came into effect last week and despite much speculation, Canadians still don't really have a clue what it's all about.
In a very short press release on the eve of the big day, Environment Canada urged Canadians to, er ... stay tuned for further details.
Could this be the protocol Jean Chretien belligerently fought for tooth and nail for many years? The same protocol which his successor Paul Martin grasped and raised high for all Canadian Kyotoists to salute?
Last week we learned the government wouldn't unveil its full Kyoto strategy before the protocol's start date or even when the budget comes down Feb. 23 -- but some time after that. So instead of a tangible policy or regulations, we got only some flowery words from Environment Minister Stephane Dion.
'Achieving our climate-change goals provides an opportunity to transform our economy,' said Dion.
'Making our industrial sectors the cleanest in the world, making our consumers the most energy-efficient and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Canadian economy.'
We thought Dion was supposed to be cutting greenhouse gas emissions, not adding to them!
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the unrealistic plan to cut emissions by 6% from 1990 levels will cost the average household a whopping $3,000 a year.
Indeed, taxpayers could be on the hook for a boondoggle that will make the gun registry look cheap and efficient.
In a little-noticed story from early February, the House of Commons environment committee heard testimony that strongly suggests the federal government has become Chicken Little on climate change. Not only is the sky falling, but it will not hear any evidence to the contrary.
Prof. Timothy Patterson of Car"

Why not just recall McGuinty- he is not up to the task of leading the largest province

Let's see he promised not to increase taxes and then he did, he arrogantly said that the voters can have their say 4 years from now- so much for accountablity- he fights with everyone that we need to have on our side- he avoids making necessary decisions to improve service to the public by breaking poor performing government monopilies-if this keeps up under his doctrinaire and shrill leadership we will not have a province of note- . Mr McQuinty-show some leadership call for a public referendum , or an election to see what your constituents think P-R

McGuinty started asking for the extra cash after the federal government's recent agreement to allow Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to keep all their offshore oil and gas revenues without a clawback in equalization payments.

McGuinty also said a $400-million funding announcement made earlier this week for Casino Windsor was justified because the money it generates is reinvested in the province's schools and hospitals.

"We are in a very tight competition with the Americans when it comes to casinos," he said.

"Sometimes you got to spend money to make money."
Help for Ont. aids Canada: McGuinty ( Why not ask the people to help you help Ontario)News | network

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Sex extorted from immigrants?

Another unfortunate example of the abuse of power or how you are being served and protected by the people you pay with your tax dollars- disgusting-PR

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Sex extorted from immigrants?
: "TORONTO -- An Immigration Canada investigator boasted his mistress was 'a sex toy' whom he was paid by taxpayers to satisfy, a Superior Court heard Thursday. The investigator met the woman when he was assigned to arrest her husband, who was facing deportation to Guyana. He later described to the husband the graphic details of their liaison after the affair ended in September 2001. She testified her ex-husband, who was eventually deported and later killed himself, taped a call the investigator had made to him.
'God has put me on this earth to make love to your wife and show her what a real man is like,' the woman quoted the investigator as saying. 'Your wife was my sex toy and I was getting paid by my employer to play with her.'
She is now suing the investigator and his employer, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, for damages.
The woman also testified the investigator admitted having numerous affairs with abused women whose tormentors were facing deportation. "

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Shutdown demanded

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Shutdown demanded: "Sat, February 19, 2005

Lets see - what employs 750 government health workers, services 400 people
and is about to cost 40 million dollars more- and the customers do not want it? The development centre -appears to be another misguided health spending action by your government with your money. - this is a "take for granted" form of institutional terrorism -Proactive Rants

Shutdown demanded

Protesters want centre for the disabled closed


More than 200 angry protesters descended on the legislature yesterday demanding the Doer government shut down a Portage la Prairie facility for those with developmental disabilities. But Family Services Minister Christine Melnick said there are no plans to do that. The province still plans to spend $40 million renovating the Manitoba Developmental Centre, she said.
The protesters -- many of whom were disabled -- hoisted signs that read Inclusion and Exclusion, Hell No, We Won't go and Free the People.
Rally organizer Shelley Rattai, also a spokeswoman for People First Canada, said the $40 million would be better spent helping the residents of the centre learn to live in the community.
'We'd like to see individual plans made for people to return to communities and live in houses and be part of the community"

Government should protect agriculture- less taxes,less paperwork - Brantford Expositor

Osprey Media Group Inc. - Brantford Expositor: "Larry Davis, Brant?s representative, said the provincial organization is planning the rally because farming is becoming less and less viable while the Ontario government is legislating farmers to death.

?If farming is viable, farmers protect the air, water, soil and green space because they can afford to do it,? Davis said. ?It doesn?t happen any more because farms are being trashed by a lack of income.?

Davis said provincial environmental legislation has cost farmers money they don?t have, as well as cost them time filling out paperwork.

?They ask us for more and give us nothing back,? Davis said. ?We need to get the message out that we can?t continue things on the road they?re heading.?

Provincial politicians should be listening to the message OFA president Ron Bonnett has been attempting to send ? that Ontario farming is in serious trouble.

?When he speaks, he carries 40,000 voices behind him and the government should realize this is serious,? Davis said. ?It shouldn?t take the force of a rally.?

Those who wish to make the trip on a federation bus or want more information about the rally should call Hill at 445-2953 by Feb. 25. The federation is asking for a $10 donation to cover busing expenses. "

Friday, February 18, 2005

Mr.Dither should show leadership style of old

News | network

Hello from The Canadian Government Beavers The Beavers Humour. The "government challenged " beavers are always in meetings doing the best for you- it takes time , lots of money, to get things right , relevant and perfect for you. Enjoy -Proactive Rants

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Who is minding the store?

Interesting news story about how your money is being managed-PR

News | network

NEWS STORY"Crown corporations operate on own"

WE need more accountability please -PRNews | network: "Crown corporations operate on own"

What are your comments on the auditors report?

We would be happy to send your comments and suggestions to the people in charge. Please post your comments or send them to PR

Summary highlights of the Fraser report

While some improvements has been made , we still have a long way to go to achieve a well managed and accountable federal service structure-PR

News | network:

"The government is making progress in laying the groundwork for reforming the way it manages staff. "

Billions of dollars out of scruitiny- Where is the accountability?

''Given the significant sums involved, I am concerned about the lack of adequate accountability to Parliament,'' Fraser wrote.

''Important gaps remain in the external audit regime and ministerial oversight.'' From auditor genersl Fraser's review. What could the taxpayer do with $ 9 billion. -PR

Article link click News network

CiDa can't Moinitor Millions in Handouts

We seem to not have learned much at the adscam -it is business as usual at the government. where is the accountablity? -PO

News | network

Sunday, February 13, 2005

McGuinty Negotiation tactics -the Hamilton Rant

Our fearless provincial leader is making more noise to improve services by getting more money form the FEDs rather then revamping or allowing the health service to be more effective. Again deflecting attention from his dismal performance record to date.

What a disappointment. What a change from his promise to reach consensus before he was elected. What other promise can he possibly breach in the next 3 years ? Please call an election and see what your constituents think. Enough is enough.

Reader feed back : This is a "F" outrage. Ontario is no longer the economic engine that drives the Canadian economy.If this asshole didn't f----- up everything he touched, we wouldn't have a fiscal problem

Hamilton: "McGuinty drags Que. into war with feds
Wants Ottawa to review equalization payment program

Colin Perkel Canadian Press February 12, 2005

TORONTO -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty dragged Quebec into his dispute with Ottawa on Saturday as he continued to attack the federal government over how the country's wealth is distributed among the provinces.
In a speech to more than 300 provincial Liberals, McGuinty noted that Ottawa gives Quebec almost four times as much money for each immigrant as it gives Ontario.
'How can that be fair?' McGuinty asked. 'We're just asking for a bit of fairness.'
The crowd gave McGuinty a standing ovation as he portrayed himself as a proud Canadian standing up to injustice.
On Friday, the Ontario premier served notice of a 'strong campaign' against the federal Liberals over the country's fiscal arrangements. The final straw, he said, was the royalty agreement for off-shore resources that Prime Minister Paul Martin struck recently with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.
In his speech Saturday, McGuinty repeatedly noted the '$23-billion gap' between what Ontario contributes to federal coffers and how much it receives in return.
The missing money, he said, is critical to the province's ability to fund services for immigrants, post-secondary education and other social programs.
'A gap this massive just doesn't make sense, especially when Ottawa sits on a huge surplus funded largely by Ontarians,' he said.
Only a prosperous Ontario can continue to be the 'economic engine' and 'heart' of Canada, he told the crowd.
'When we make this argument now with our friends over at the federal government, it's about buil"a stronger win-win for our fellow Canadians."
Other provinces, such as Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and British Columbia, have also begun to criticize the country's system of equalization payments in light of the deal struck with the two Atlantic provinces.
Speaking to reporters afterward, McGuinty said he was looking for a "healthy discussion" with the Martin Liberals.
He said raising the unfairness of immigrant funding was another step in the campaign but other issues, such as post-secondary education, were also on the agenda.
"We have a responsibility to make this argument," the premier said. "The federal government has no choice but to listen to us. The facts are on our side. It's a very compelling argument."
McGuinty came to office 16 months ago promising to move beyond the acrimony that developed between Ontario and Ottawa under the previous provincial Conservative government.
His increasingly vocal criticism of Ottawa this past week indicates a complete change of tack.
Asked if he was simply trying to deflect attention from problems his government is facing, he said he was just standing up for his own province.
Among those problems is a $5.5-billion budget deficit and bubbling dispute with the province's doctors, who have become increasingly vocal in their attacks on McGuinty's Liberal government.

Send a meaningful Valentine

" reference
(copy and paste into your browser)

Over 300,000 people have died in the wave . We can help alleviate some of the damage.

We have a business relationship with Durakit which can provide emergency housing. Be part of the direct help solution. One 40 foot shipping container contains 32 houses , a house costs $1500 and can be up in 1 day. (2 hours to assemble)
See or the actual unit view There is a federal non profit that would give tax receipts.

Durakit has a request for 37,000 house from the Minister of Finance in Bangladesh-but needs to get funded. Give this some thought-how we can provided direct help to the wave victims.

1. Let each school commit to a house - we will give them a plaque and recognition
2. Let each church commit to a house - we will give them the same
3. Let each local organization commit to a house -same recognition
4. let your 'suggested organization ' commit-your help and thoughts are appreciated

Your comments please- this is a case where it is better to give then to receive. These people need help.

Warm regards Sieg"

Saturday, February 12, 2005

How to deal with the Doctors shortage-practical tips

Useful article an tips -but why do we not get the Medical schools to open the gates, or allow Doctors trained from other accredited medical schools(international) to practise in Canada. Why can we not make it easier to practise medicine in Canada by getting rid off the obstacles put in place by the multiple "Ministry Health" aministrations?

How to deal with the doctor shortage Stephen Kaladeen, MD

o, I'm sorry. Dr. K. is not taking any new patients at this time."
I have heard my secretary say these words hundreds of times over the past four years. And every time, I feel regret. The callers are simply asking for something that we have taken for granted for decades – access to a family physician. Ten years ago, when I started working in the small town where I currently reside, there was no doctor shortage. But today, I'm one of only nine practising in the area instead of the 20 that used to work here.

This past decade has brought changes in the delivery of health care across Canada. These changes are the result of growing concerns by government about the cost of medical care and how medical practitioners now choose to work – as fee-for-service providers or salaried doctors. As a result, the number of family doctors available to the public has been reduced. Part of this problem is because of cutbacks in medical school enrolment and the restrictions on how a doctor can practise. Another significant fact is the emigration of doctors to the United States.

Concerns regarding the ever-increasing health care budget are certainly valid. The various levels of government, however, never really anticipated the increased demand for medical services as our demographics changed and a large group of citizens moving into their 50s required additional medical resources. The other unexpected problem was that doctors, having been trained in larger urban centres, would prefer to stay in those larger centres, leaving smaller, rural communities desperately struggling to attract family doctors. To compound the problem even further, family medicine as a medical specialty has become less attractive to medical students; specialty training seems to offer a more secure job and a better lifestyle.
The result has left large parts of Canada urgently looking for family doctors and communities competing with each other for this finite human resource. Various incentives and inducements have been offered to doctors, and the competitive game continues to up the ante into thousands of dollars in recruitment packages. Despite these packages, the number of doctors remains limited.

So what do you do if you've just lost your family doctor or you've moved to a new community outside of the city and need to find a physician who is taking new patients? Here are a few things you can do to get the care you need.

If you are moving to a retirement community from a larger city, retain your current doctor. It may be easier to drive to the city than to find a new physician, especially if you have a good relationship with that doctor.
If you have friends or relatives in the area, ask them to approach their doctor about taking you on as a patient.
If the community has a walk-in clinic, use it. However, try to establish a relationship with one of the doctors who works there. If possible, get that doctor's schedule and try to build a relationship with him or her.
Get to know your local pharmacist. This professional may be aware of doctors in neighbouring towns who may be taking on new patients.
If you haven't found a doctor and you've run out of your medication, go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. The best time to go is just before eight o'clock in the morning when the staff changes shifts. You will wait less and the department is usually less busy at that time.

If you or a member of your family has a chronic disease such as arthritis or Alzheimer's disease, contact community support organizations, such as the Alzheimer Society. They usually offer connections to local area experts and home-care nursing assistance.
Make use of the numerous health services offered within the community, such as free blood pressure and diabetes clinics at the health unit or pharmacy. Also, mammogram and flu vaccine clinics available through the public health unit or at the hospital usually don't require a doctor's referral.

If the community is trying to recruit a doctor, get involved. This may give you some first-hand contact that will help to eventually get the service you need.
Remember that you are the most important determinant of your health. Exercise, watch your weight and don't smoke. Much of what family doctors do is preventative, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can enhance this aspect of your health.
© April 2004 50Plus Magazine

Friday, February 11, 2005

We all look forward to the commissioners report

And they say the justice system is blind - not anywhere as blind as the old Minister of Finance. Check it out -is this not a great way to spend our Money -chuckle . Be outraged -these people have no excuse for the public defrauding .

News network: "Martin, the first sitting prime minister to testify publicly in over 130 years, also testified Thursday that he:
Had no involvement with the ad agencies that got money through the program.
Didn't know until 1996 about a secretive unity reserve fund Chretien controlled that was used as startup funding for the sponsorship program, even though it was included in federal spending plans the previous year.
Wasn't involved in doling out grants in Quebec even though he was the Liberal lieutenant for the province.
Martin said he was absorbed with slashing the deficit and dealing with an international economic crisis in the mid-1990s - not focusing on sponsorship. "

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog

This is a good reference for those that want to offer direct help .
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog

A " one day study session" in bad public service

Again the customer , the general public is held up for ransom and abuse . The "service providors are having a dispute "or tiff at the public's expense . Who cares which one is right - Smitherman or the doctors. What about the patients?

Why is it that those that need the service are always disdainfully held up for ransom - in this low delivery health system of ours? We need choice and options .

Do you think it is time for some alternatives? Maybe -some competition and care alternatives would make the "government" service providors less arrogant or indifferent to their customers needs. Who gets the tax money in our overpriced " Care" monopoly anyway- the customer you jest.

Sympatico / MSN : News : Ont. anesthetists' job action delays surgeries

He said he would resign if he was involved-the election promise

Paul Martin has testified . What will happen next? Good that the press is keeping the promise made in public view

News | network

Good Things Come to Those Who Ask

This is a common sense refresher in how to communicate to get better service.

Good Things Come to Those Who Ask

Ask Questions -improve your effectiveness

Asking questions smartly is effective. Action oriented questions yield results in the accountability quest. " Public organizations have nothing to hid or do they? "
Questions shine the light of transparency on them.

Source : Leeds Special from Bottom Line/PersonalPublished: September 15, 2001

Many people believe asking questions makes them look vulnerable... or stupid... or as if they are challenging authority. When they do ask questions, they elicit little information.

Here's how to use smart questioning to communicate more effectively, make better decisions and solve problems faster -- in your business and personal life.
Get employees and clients to persuade themselves. No one wants to be talked into anything. Rather than use a canned sales pitch or formal directive, pose questions that let the other person make your argument for you.
Example: A client converted his company's database to a complicated new software program. As often happens when new technology is introduced, everyone hated it. Rather than try to convince them to stick with it, however, he asked his staff, Would you like to go back to the old system? When they responded no, he asked Why not? Their answers highlighted all the advantages of the new system that they had overlooked because of the difficulties of the changeover.
Begin conversations with open-ended questions. Closed-ended questions yield short answers and reveal limited information. Open-ended questions encourage people to explain themselves thoughtfully. Examples...
Closed-ended: Do you want a domestic or imported car? Two- or four-door?
Open-ended: What kind of car are you looking for?
Begin questions with phrases such as describe, illustrate and walk me through. Such language stimulates clients or colleagues to think in interesting ways.
Example: Tell me what you like and don't like about the car you're driving now and how that will affect what you are going to buy.

Close deals with closed-ended questions. Many people become tentative when it is time to secure a sale or an agreement. Asking a closed-ended question can help you gauge if the prospect accepts the ideas you discussed.
Examples: Does what we've discussed make sense to you?... Have I addressed all of your concerns?

Follow up with questions that seek a definitive answer.
Examples: Is it a deal?... Can we agree on a contract now?

Let subordinates solve their own problems. Avoid simply giving them advice. Instead, use questions that probe the problem and its causes. That lets subordinates find their own answers. Examples...
Tell me what you have done to deal with the problem so far. How has that worked?
Tell me how your view would change if you were on the opposite side of this problem. Does that suggest any steps you might consider?
Have you ever dealt with a similar problem? What happened in that case?
Build meetings around answering questions. Meetings are the bane of contemporary business. That's because they are bogged down with mundane information. One person usually winds up doing most of the talking. To improve meetings...
Before the meeting, circulate a memo listing topics to be discussed. Ask participants to prepare questions that need to be answered.

Start the meeting with these prepared questions. Encourage participation from everyone.
During the meeting, ask more than you tell. Constantly spur discussions.
To test ideas: Suppose we did it this way -- what would happen?
To advance a discussion logically: What is the next step to ensure this proposal will be carried out?
To broaden a discussion: What other factors are important besides the ones already mentioned?
To bring out opinions and attitudes: How would you feel if you were confronted by this sudden change?
End the meeting with summary questions.
Examples: Did we answer the questions we set out to address? Have any new questions arisen as a result of this meeting? What are we going to do about them?

Use self-questioning to monitor your own work. The former CEO of pharmaceutical giant Warner-Lambert, Lodewijk J.R. de Vink, asks himself four questions as part of his daily mental regimen...
In the morning: Where do I want to be?... Am I on track to get there?
In the evening: What did I accomplish today?... What could I have done better?

Seek information from family members without being intrusive.
Discuss sensitive topics at a neutral time. That helps separate the problem from the emotions surrounding it. Asking questions when one or both of you are agitated almost always fails.
Watch your body language. If you take an aggressive posture -- standing over someone, hands on hips -- the other person is likely to clam up. Some of the most effective questioning takes place when people are not facing each other directly, such as in a car or while preparing dinner.
Disagree -- but with respect. Avoid being judgmental.
Example: If your teenager is doing poorly in school, you can question him/her about his study habits. But do not say, How can you be scared of tests? That's just stupid.
Leave wiggle room. People hate being told what to do -- even if they know you are right. Allow others the option of not accepting your advice. Do this by making "soft" suggestions.

Examples: Would you think about trying this way?... How would you feel if you did it my way this time?
Involve children in solving family problems. Criticizing kids or rendering judgment when there is a problem makes kids feel defensive.
Example: A client ran late every morning because her 10-year-old son was slow to get ready. Rather than yelling, she said, We need to talk about morning time and cooperation. I need your help here because what I'm doing is not working.
Then she asked...
What ideas do you have about reorganizing our morning routine? How about laying out your clothes the night before? What would you think about a five-minute warning before it's time to leave?
How do you think it makes my boss or your teacher feel when we're late?
Asking these questions helps your child empathize with what you are going through instead of just listening to you lecturing.

Avoid asking negative, unanswerable questions. It may help you vent frustration to ask, Why do you always do this to me? or How could you be so thoughtless? But it's almost impossible for a friend or family member to answer such questions.

Stick to action-oriented questions in which the other person can do something tangible to improve the situation.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Picture the Performance Challenges

The government service challenge as perceive by the customer
  • Cloudy and hidden "non visible, non accountable" decision making
  • Predatory retaliation fears
  • Not allowed to que jump but must stay in line,be a number to get any service at all
  • You are an inconvenience to the office culture of coffee breaks and socialization perks
  • Posted by Hello

Is there a cloud over our services Posted by Hello

Monday, February 07, 2005

Investigative reporter responds to the David versus Goliath Rant

We have received a careful and colorful reply(s) from investigative reporter,Bill Dunphy of the Spectator that should be shared on this blog as we have nothing to hide and no conspiracies but the truth to protect. We will knock ourselves out to ensure proper public accountability and that everyone gets equal and fair treatment-chuckle.

Whistle blowing for rights can be fun but career dangerous , that is why we have anomynity here for your protection. Truth seekers and players should expect barbs back from those with a vested interest or other personal points of view . Great -bring it on -Dialogue, visibility and exposure of the issues is what this blog is all about. Enjoy the scrum ! We are interested in your opinion.

Subject: RE: ProActive Rants: Will Justice be served -the David against Goliath Saga


So you have a first name. And multiple last names. And a blog that is unsigned with an empty personal profile.

Although I have a great deal of experience doing investigative reporting, what I wrote about Adam was a column, an opinon piece, covering that day's events in court.
The information was accurate, the opinions based on facts, and overall was fair in its treatment of Adam. In your rant reproduced below you've misunderstood or misrepresented what I wrote and that, coupled with the aforementioned reluctnace to honestly identify yourself led me to dismiss your note.

I'm glad you feel he's a cause worth championing. Knock yourself out.
And if you ever uncover anything that truly justifies your apparent belief that this is a man wronged by authorities, instead of someone who systematically engaged in financial practices that I would characterize as unethical at best - well then let me know.
I've read through the rather lengthy materials he sent me and so far I see nothing but a man failing to take responsibilities for his own failings - or frauds.

Bill Dunphy

Sent: Monday, February 7, 2005 1:22 PM To: Dunphy, Bill Subject:
RE: ProActive Rants: Will Justice be served -the David against Goliath Saga

I sent you this RED note on 1/29/05 . You did not respond although you had my e-mail address . Investigative indeed! I appreciate your professional caution but not your arrogance . You can reach me at email My name is Siegfried . "Slaying dragons is part of my namesake -chuckle " I will post your comments to the blog .

Have a nice day S.H ( Any accountability investigations at Revenue Canada-yet ?)

I read the even and fair minded or neutral comment by the Expositor reporter . I would like to comment on your article in the Hamilton Spectator. As an investigative reporter with some knowledge of the situation , I expected more from the investigative side of you. You correctly pointed out some of the facts of the Hamilton Loft project and had obviously read some of the information. Your article indicated that the project failed because there was no demand for the loft units- this is not true and you should verify your information before you publish it. Why do you think there is a 25 million dollars lawsuit on the project before the civil not criminal court? Check it out and then comment please.

You indicated to me " the David Goliath Supporter" (see blog attached) that the press was a potential objective friend of truth , justice and the underdog. Public Information was given to you based on your press inference of being a champion for the underdog and a group which believed in making public interest issues both clear and visible. I fail to see how you can comment on failed development projects , with no development experience or better investigative homework.

Let's see you go get information from your publisher ,follow his instructions, have a formal review of your work and be approved to proceed with an expanded budget. You meticulously fill out the required reports as suggested by your publishers control system. After 3 years, the publisher, has a new editor- the new investigative editor denies all your work, accuses you of taking the money , fires you from your position and then drags you into court on criminal charges before you can be heard by the internal review group. Destitute but not humble, faced with 3 years of jail- I am sure that you would put up a good defense ,convinced of the truth of the facts, vexatious or otherwise , and seek to clear both your name and reputation. Visibility of the situation and the facts would truly be your ally.

While following orders or instructions or "officially induced error", went out as a pure and unassailable defense at the Nuremberg trials -it still has merit. The question to ask is who at Revenue Canada is, or has been made accountable for this.

Best regards and good better investigative reporting

-----Original Message----- From: Dunphy, Bill [] Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 11:45 AM To: 'S' Subject: RE: ProActive Rants: Will Justice be served -the David against Goliath Saga
Dear S.
I've learned not to trust people who post things on anonymous blogs and send e-mails that seek to sheild their identity.
And given that it comes from a supposed supporter of someone awaiting sentencing for fraud, I'm even less inclined to waste much time on it.If you have something to say, identify yourself, and simply say it.

Bill Dunphy The Hamilton Spectator
---------- From: S Sent: Saturday, February 5, 2005 8:55 AM To: Subject: ProActive Rants: Will Justice be served -the David against Goliath Saga
S has sent you a link to a wobbles:
Thought you might find this perspective interesting. The press is the shield to protect the common people from being bullied by those special " government" interests that have the power and the agenda but not the color of right on there side
Blog: ProActive Rants Post: Will Justice be served -the David against Goliath Saga Link:

Good Things Come to Those Who Ask

Good Things Come to Those Who Ask

Power of the Pen: Secrets of Effective Complaint Letters

Power of the Pen: Secrets of Effective Complaint Letters

Making people aware of the problem is 90% of the problem. A well written letter can put service organizations on notice and gives them the opportunity to deliver a acceptable solution. A letter calls for accountability! A simple letter can take down a shoddy service organization particularly if your friends write one too.

Give it a try. Lots of action for the price of a stamp. Chuckle - S

People make a good living writing letters .

Rarely does a day go by when most of us do not have to deal with surly salespeople, cheaply made products, or vast and indifferent bureaucracies. Most of us endure this with a stoicism worthy of Seneca himself. After all, what's the use of complaining? It all seems to fall on deaf ears, anyway.

But the world needn't be like this, according to Ellen Phillips, consumer consultant and founder of Ellen's Poison Pen, Inc. Since 1988, Phillips has been helping frustrated consumers to get refunds and apologies from everyone from the corner druggist to massive insurance agencies. In her book, Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed!, Phillips shares the secrets of writing letters of complaint that get results. The first few chapters cover the general dos and don'ts of writing effective letters of complaint (remain calm, use polite language), along with useful advice from legal experts (don't embellish, stick to the facts).
The chapters that follow target specific problems we all face at some time in our lives, ranging from getting bumped from a flight to the secrets of successfully dealing with your HMO. Each chapter contains bullet points, illustrative anecdotes, and a number of example letters, most of which were based on actual letters sent on behalf of Phillips's clients. On top of all this, Phillips also provides an appendix listing the names and addresses of over 600 major companies, government agencies, and consumer organizations. Phillips believes that we should get what we pay for, and after reading her book, you'll be able to stand up for your rights with confidence.Product Description:How to get the best of shoddy shops, crooked car-dealerships, and heartless HMOs--without having to hire an attorney.
The Miss Manners of the consumer kvetch shows readers how to go postal, with complaint letters designed to melt the heart and sting the conscience of the most obdurate, negligent, or customer-hostile corporations.
Drawing on her experience as a pen-for-hire for irate consumers--and on the advice of clients, attorneys, and CEOs--Ellen Phillips shows readers:
- Who to write to, what to say, what to ask for - The names and addresses of over 600 major companies- How to draft personal petitions covering everything from tenant-landlord disputes to workman's compensation- Suggestions on what steps to take to avoid litigation- Consumer Smarts for automobile buyers- How to protect yourself from fraudulent business solicitations- Navigating the courts to ensure the well-being of your family and children- Help in getting proper coverage from your HMO- And--because sometimes the world is on your side--how to write the perfect thank- you note.Delightfully readable, easy to use, and filled with the addresses of hundreds of corporate customer relations offices and state and federal agencies, Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed! is an essential resource for anyone who wants to reach out and scold somebody.

How to Get Paid to Save Energy

How to Get Paid to Save Energy

If it works in the U.S why can we not follow and establish the same programs in Canada? Food for thought- more action and less hand wringing talfk would be helpful. S

Saturday, February 05, 2005

CANOE -- CNEWS - Canada: Chretien aide admits to hiding deal

CANOE -- CNEWS - Canada: Chretien aide admits to hiding deal: "Chretien aide admits to hiding deal


And they say it is all about integrity . Hmmm -hiding information that is okay along as you are a protected member of the government . Same old -same old -different rules for different folks! When will the unfairness end

Former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano testifies at the sponsorship inquiry in Ottawa. (CP PHOTO/Tobin Grimshaw)
OTTAWA (CP) - The Gomery inquiry was rocked Friday by a startling admission from a onetime top Jean Chretien aide that after leaving the prime minister's office he created a phoney paper trail to hide details of a $125,000 sponsorship deal.
The blunt revelation from Jean Carle - who is described as having a father-son relationship with the former prime minister and once lived in his basement - places the scandal in the heart of Chretien's circle of intimates.
Carle drew a tart observation from Justice John Gomery when he described the transactions, which happened he was a senior executive at the federal Business Development Bank of Canada.
'If this were a drug deal, it would be called money-laundering,' said Gomery.
'You're not wrong,' Carle meekly replied.
His lawyer, Pierre Latraverse, had a different assessment as he later left the hearing room. He called it an 'inappropriate use of words by the judge.'
Carle, who had been director of operations for Chretien from 1993 to 1998, moved to the BDC as a senior vice-president when he left the Prime Minister's Office.

It was at the bank that he got involved in the contentious deal that revolved around funding for a TV series, called Le Canada Millennaire, by producer Robert Scully.
The bank had already given $250,000 of its own to support the series. But the bank then agreed to act as a conduit in transferring an extra $125,000 to Scully's production company, Information Essentielle.
The additional money originated with the Public Works Department"

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Not hip to problem

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Not hip to problem: "Sat, February 5, 2005

Quality of health is an issue everywhere in Canada - lets do another study but lets not fix the problem. Same old -same old

Not hip to problem

Demand for orthopedic surgery, wait times rise


The Doer government has failed to make good on a promise to slash the wait list for hip and knee replacement surgeries, charge the Opposition Tories. Six months ago, Manitobans were waiting up to two years for surgery, said Tory Leader Stuart Murray. Today, there are people waiting up to three years to go under the knife, he said.
'This wait, this suffering, is not acceptable,' Murray told a news conference.
The number of people waiting in line for surgery has increased to 2,300 from 1,488 last spring, according to figures provided by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
The median wait time is 40 weeks.
Winnipegger Bob Harris, 67, said he's been told he'll have to wait two years for orthopedic surgery.
He needs double knee replacement surgery.
'Why we have to wait two to three years is beyond me,' said Harris, who has difficulty walking up and down stairs and even driving his car because of his shot knees. 'If something isn't broken, don't fix it -- but this one is broken.'
Health Minister Tim Sale was not available for comment.
Brian Postl, CEO of the WRHA, acknowledged demand for orthopedic surgery has been going up -- primarily because of the province's aging population.
'That's not unique to Manitoba,' Postl said. 'We still have favourable rates compared to other jurisdictions in the country.'
Postl said it's unusual for someone to wait as long as Harris. He said the WRHA wants to expand the number of hip and knee replacement surgeries done in W" Protecting the System Protecting the System

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy: "Hydro and Healthcare: Freeing Economic Motors
Speaker: Peter Holle, President, FCPP
Date: 2005-04-08
Time: 7:30 am.
Place: St. James Rotary Club, Viscount Gort Hotel, Winnipeg."

Food for thought- lets learn to make things better through knowledge

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Two Cows Explain The World :: Free Funny eCards

What do you think the two Canadian Cash cows would say? Humor is good for the soul ! Where are you on the list? -Todays chuckle.

Two Cows Explain The World

Force Accountability -Make things visible

Accountability Posted by Hello Would you like to make a difference by getting involved in the process? Blow your whistle!

Make as many people aware of what is happening to you and the people around you. Complain about bad,poor or indifferent service . Turning the other check only leads to more of the same. Speak out -make work for those that are a source of indifferent service . The noisy wheel gets the attention or the grease.

One small win by many will make a big difference.

Is Canadian Justice Blind or just slow and stupid ?

Help the Innocent Posted by Hello Blow your whistle
How do you think the justice system could be improved? What happened to natural Justice in a timely manner? How do we make fairness and natural common sense , natural justice prevail?

Is the investigative process of the press - a positive check and balance to the justice system ?

It seems that this depends on who is doing the investigating or how motivated he is to dig for facts. We wrote the reporter in Hamilton with our comments . He told us to knock ourself out in our quest of ensuring that Adam -the David in our previous post -got fair treatment. WE will knock ourself out. -PR

Overzealous Prosecution issues . When does common sense prevail?

Court resources are expensive both on a time and dollars basis. What do you think of a case where a teenager does his laundry at his estranged mother's house- gets charged and convicted of breaking and entry of his estranged mother's house with a 6 month probationary sentence. Morality judgements aside -apart from branding the teenager with a criminal record and the long term negative effect on the teenager's life and that of the custodial parent, - is this really a good use of court time and limited court resources? The benign abusive functional maliciousness of the prosecutors "judgement"should be judged somehow- does the court meat grinder really need more fresh meat to grind?- PR