Monday, February 11, 2008

individual rights?

Parents jailed for not vaccinating kids

Dear Friend, from douglas MD
Vaccines are the most dangerous "accepted" practice in all of medicine. The latest vaccination outrage occurred in Prince George's County, Maryland where – believe it or not – parents were actually told to appear in court and subject their children to on-the- spot, state-mandated vaccines of UP TO 17 DOSES … OR FACE IMPRISONMENT!! What's more, parents who ignored the court's demands were subject to a $50 fine for each day their child was "out of compliance" (i.e., not surrendering their Constitutional rights to the state), or up to 10 days in jail.

Which is more sickening? That this kind of outrage can occur without national outcry, or that it can happen about a 30-minute drive from the front steps of the rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.? How is it possible that the schools allow this sort of thing to go on? Why is an education system party to such a gross violation of personal rights?

Maybe this next bit of information will clue you in.
The Prince George's County school system is allocated $11,325 per student, per year. This sum comes from a variety of sources, and roughly breaks down this way: About 7 percent ($780) comes from the federal government; 46 percent comes from the state of Maryland ($5,246); and 47 percent comes from local monies such as city budgets ($5,298).
In order for the schools to receive that money, a child must be enrolled in the school. Simple enough, right? Well, according to the state regulations on vaccinations, a kid CAN'T be enrolled if he doesn't have his vaccinations up to date. In fact, he could be expelled.
According to the news report, there were as many as 2,300 hundred kids being barred from school due to their non-compliance with the vaccination policy. If those kids were tossed from school due to state regulations, that would mean the PG County school district would suddenly be out an astounding $26 million in revenue from the state and the city! No wonder they wanted to threaten the parents with jail!
Don't let them suck you in with all that "it's for the safety of the children" nonsense. As always, it's about the almighty dollar.

This is just the kind of issue that gets me going, because it's not only about good health, it's also about the protection of your personal freedoms. And the sad truth is, when it comes to vaccinations, the choice is very rarely yours. Your body – and the bodies of your children – are the property of the government when it comes to vaccines. It's not only un-constitutional; it's downright scary.

Friday, February 08, 2008

freedom of speech infringement?

Canada Christian teacher fights suspension

QUESNEL, British Columbia, Feb. 6 Canadian teacher Chris Kempling is battling suspension of his teaching license after he wrote to a local newspaper in 2003 outlining Christian teachings on homosexuality. The College of Teachers cited him for professional misconduct and suspended his teaching license for a month, reported Wednesday. He appealed that decision all the way to Canada's Supreme Court, spending "well over" a $100oo dollars in legal fees, he said. After the Supreme Court denied his appeal, he faces yet another citation from the College that might lose him his teaching license permanently. In an e-mail Wednesday, Kempling told supporters he received a letter informing him that he is being cited on numerous counts for conduct "unbecoming" of a teacher, among them being the local representative of the Christian Heritage Party, the nation's sixth largest political party.

"I'm dismayed," Kempling told LifeSiteNews Wednesday. "I'm dismayed that activities entirely outside of the scope of my job and which have engendered no reaction or complaint would result in an additional citation...I'm dismayed that their reach is extending so far into my private life, and overriding the very clear provisions in the Charter for political freedom and for freedom of speech."

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hidden From History-Recent Government “Compensation” Plan to Residential School Survivors

Hidden From History-Recent Government “Compensation” Plan to Residential School Survivors: "A Chronology of Deceit: Phases in the United Church's 'Spin' Campaign around Crimes in Indian Residential Schools
by Kevin D. Annett / Eagle Strong Voice

'No-one can rule guiltlessly'
Niccolo Machiavelli

Rulers of Church and State have known for centuries how to continually rewrite history in order to conceal their bloody deeds and make their obvious crimes appear virtuous. In Canada, such rulers have had ample opportunity to practice this occupational skill in relation to their bloodiest act: the extermination of non-Christian Indians."

" this shows how the special interest groups nd righteous can abuse and cover up their mistakes- srary" PR

institutional nightmare-genocide alleged

Claims of 'genocide'

A former United Church minister says a longtime residential school in Brantford may hold evidence of "genocide" against young natives. Kevin Annett wants burial sites at the former Mohawk Institute investigated as part of a campaign to expose the hidden history of residential schools across Canada.
The Mohawk Institute operated for 140 years until it closed in 1970. The site later became the Woodland Cultural Centre. The institute's purpose was to instill in its pupils English-Canadian language, culture and the Anglican religion.

Survivors long have talked about beatings, poor food and clothing and other serious physical and sexual abuse. Annett takes these facts a step further. He claims the government of Canada and the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United churches, which ran residential schools, engaged in genocide, deliberately "culling" native children through occasional murder and intentionally exposing children to fatal diseases.

Annett elaborates on these claims in a book, Hidden from History, and a documentary, Unrepentant, part of which he presented to Laurier Brantford students on Tuesday.

Annett plays hard ball to back his demands for, among many things, an international tribunal into genocide in Canada. His website - - urges his supporters to boycott "genocidal institutions," the Catholic, Anglican and United Church, to withhold tax payments to the government of Canada and to support an international boycott of Canadian tourism and goods.

Big is not beautiful -pr

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

domestic buying?

Business group calls on Canadian governments to enact domestic buying rules

OTTAWA - Canadian governments' boy scout approach in failing to enact Canada-first policies on major infrastructure and mass transit projects is costing the country dearly in lost jobs and business opportunities, says a new industry study.
In a position paper being released Thursday, the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association is calling on all governments to act quickly on the issue to help out the beleaguered manufacturing sector.
The report, which says Canada is among very few countries without buy domestic rules on tax-funded projects, says there is urgency to address the matter because of the massive amounts - $33 billion in seven years from Ottawa alone-governments have committed to infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, and mass transit expansion.
"This is not protectionism," said CME president Jayson Myers. "This is levelling the playing field.