Saturday, February 26, 2005

In response to Ontario McGuinty 's whine of not fair and not getting our fair share

The fiberal, who promised not to increase taxes and did, -has very little wiggle room or credibility when he asks others to honour their obligations and get more taxpayer spoils.The mismanagement and misguided leadership of McGuinty is making us a laughing stock and Ontario a point of derision. - Why is he so afraid to take issues to the people with plebescites? 3 more years and counting . PA



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What is with this turkey. If it's not McGity, then what's his name the mayor of Toronto and the Fantino...Are we living in another world???

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Larry Collicott
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Can you imagine? This all stems from the fact that a pair of Atlantic Canadians stood up for themselves and negotiated deals to secure dollars from offshore resources AND equalization payments. Imagine. McGuinty's attitude is elitest and insulting. His comments regarding Ontario's place and importance to Canada are backhanded insults to Atlantic Canada. Ontario has been handed the lion's share for a very long time while Atlantic Canada has been labelled "have-not" provinces. Is he resentful that someone else may actually have a chance to better their place and importance in Canada? Grow up McGuinty.