Saturday, February 05, 2005

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Not hip to problem

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Not hip to problem: "Sat, February 5, 2005

Quality of health is an issue everywhere in Canada - lets do another study but lets not fix the problem. Same old -same old

Not hip to problem

Demand for orthopedic surgery, wait times rise


The Doer government has failed to make good on a promise to slash the wait list for hip and knee replacement surgeries, charge the Opposition Tories. Six months ago, Manitobans were waiting up to two years for surgery, said Tory Leader Stuart Murray. Today, there are people waiting up to three years to go under the knife, he said.
'This wait, this suffering, is not acceptable,' Murray told a news conference.
The number of people waiting in line for surgery has increased to 2,300 from 1,488 last spring, according to figures provided by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
The median wait time is 40 weeks.
Winnipegger Bob Harris, 67, said he's been told he'll have to wait two years for orthopedic surgery.
He needs double knee replacement surgery.
'Why we have to wait two to three years is beyond me,' said Harris, who has difficulty walking up and down stairs and even driving his car because of his shot knees. 'If something isn't broken, don't fix it -- but this one is broken.'
Health Minister Tim Sale was not available for comment.
Brian Postl, CEO of the WRHA, acknowledged demand for orthopedic surgery has been going up -- primarily because of the province's aging population.
'That's not unique to Manitoba,' Postl said. 'We still have favourable rates compared to other jurisdictions in the country.'
Postl said it's unusual for someone to wait as long as Harris. He said the WRHA wants to expand the number of hip and knee replacement surgeries done in W"

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