Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More taxpayer money misspent

CANOE -- CNEWS - Politics: More taxpayer money misspent: "OTTAWA -- Federal justice department employees have played fast and loose with travel and hospitality rules and cost taxpayers a bundle, an internal audit reveals.
The report, completed in March 2005 but just released publicly on the department's website last week, uncovered sweeping problems, including shoddy documentation, mixing personal and business trips, and flying business class instead of economy in violation of the rules. Weak control measures have left the department vulnerable to unauthorized spending, non-compliance to the rules, unjustified or fraudulent claims and excessive expenses, the report found. "

Monday, February 27, 2006

Tories inherit troubled GST computer project

Tories inherit troubled GST computer project: "The federal government has a badly tarnished record when it comes to implementing new computer systems:
-In 2003, National Defence discovered it had been defrauded of $146 million through bogus invoices related to computer systems.
-A 2003 audit found the Canadian Coast Guard had mismanaged a project to link its ships and shore stations by computer. The original budget of $7.9 million soared to $13.3 million and would likely climb even higher, the audit said.
-An internal audit last year of the military's MASIS computer project, designed to track inventory, estimated the true cost at about $325 million - far in excess of the $147 million planned in 1997. "

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

winnipegsun.com - Editorial - Openness in the court

winnipegsun.com - Editorial - Openness in the court: "We're confident all MPs will treat the review process with the respect and dignity it deserves and not turn the exercise into a 'political circus' as some have warned.
More openness and accountability in the public sector, including our judiciary, is always a good thing. We applaud it. "

Federal government posts $7.3-billion surplus

Does this mean that our taxes are too high?
How do they get away with this gauging?
Could you maybe use the money instead of some nice government mandrin!
Federal government posts $7.3-billion surplus: "Federal government posts $7.3-billion surplus"

Monday, February 06, 2006

Farewell to Paul Martin -our deficit slayer

winnipegsun.com - Editorial - Less than a PM's fond farewell: "The greatest impact of his short stint in our nation's highest office is the one that will be felt by future prime ministers.
His predecessor coasted for a decade with no credible opposition to call him to account. Martin believed he could do the same and it led to his downfall.
Conservative changes will reduce the oppressive powers of the PMO that were abused by both Martin and Jean Chretien before him.
Martin does deserve praise for taking on the heavy burden of leadership -- one that often exacts a steep personal toll.
He's right that history will judge him, but at this point in time, it appears the chief lesson of his defeat is that the free ride is over for prime ministers in this country.
That spells relief for Canada. "

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cut PM's power: Gomery

Cut PM's power: Gomery: "The Conservatives proposed to clean up the procurement process of government contracts, in part by appointing a procurement auditor to oversee, process and handle complaints from losing vendors. Judge Gomery recommends the Financial Administration Act be amended to add a new section stipulating that violations of the act be grounds for dismissal without compensation."

Be accountable

Sympatico / MSN : News : CTV.ca: "'Our principal recommendations address the need for a rebalancing of the respective roles of two of those institutions; Parliament and the executive arm of the government.'"