Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Is Canadian Justice Blind or just slow and stupid ?

Help the Innocent Posted by Hello Blow your whistle
How do you think the justice system could be improved? What happened to natural Justice in a timely manner? How do we make fairness and natural common sense , natural justice prevail?

Is the investigative process of the press - a positive check and balance to the justice system ?

It seems that this depends on who is doing the investigating or how motivated he is to dig for facts. We wrote the reporter in Hamilton with our comments . He told us to knock ourself out in our quest of ensuring that Adam -the David in our previous post -got fair treatment. WE will knock ourself out. -PR

Overzealous Prosecution issues . When does common sense prevail?

Court resources are expensive both on a time and dollars basis. What do you think of a case where a teenager does his laundry at his estranged mother's house- gets charged and convicted of breaking and entry of his estranged mother's house with a 6 month probationary sentence. Morality judgements aside -apart from branding the teenager with a criminal record and the long term negative effect on the teenager's life and that of the custodial parent, - is this really a good use of court time and limited court resources? The benign abusive functional maliciousness of the prosecutors "judgement"should be judged somehow- does the court meat grinder really need more fresh meat to grind?- PR

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