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Fwd: Taxpayer Double Feature

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Taxpayer double feature

While the genre of the documentary has recently been dominated by the likes of Al Gore and Michael Moore, a couple of new films hope to challenge the big-government types. In each instance, there are opportunities for CTF supporters to participate.

The Tax Man - An Expose of Canada Revenue Agency

Filmed in hi-def for international distribution this brilliant new film will shed light on taxpayer battles, both big and small, with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Filmed in the style of a Michael Moore documentary the producers are looking for horror stories, success stories, stories of abuse and points of views from politicians, lawyers, accountants and above all – taxpayers! If you have a story to tell for this new film The Tax Man please contact:

Your generous financial contribution allows the CTF to support important film projects like these, challenging the big-government folly being played in our theatres and force-fed to our children in schools. Click HERE to donate.

Not Evil Just Wrong

The Canadian government has been "Turning The Corner" into an economic nightmare ever since it released the plan by that name to impose "one of the toughest regulatory regimes in the world" on greenhouse gas emissions. The plan is a global warming tax that will send energy prices soaring and potentially leave thousands of Canadians without jobs.

Not Evil Just Wrong: The True Cost Of Global Warming Hysteria is a new documentary exposing the flawed science and alarmist fantasies about dying polar bears and melting arctic ice that radical environmentalists spread to scare politicians into passing draconian legislation.

Climate fear-mongering has dire consequences as the film reveals by recounting the story of the pesticide DDT. Governments banned it when environmentalists wrongly cried "cancer," and tens of millions of poor people died of mosquito-borne malaria as a result. Today's hysteria about carbon dioxide, an essential compound for life, will impact even more people. Economic progress will be stunted in Canada and around the world.

Join the resistance by becoming part of the premiere of Not Evil Just Wrong. Al Gore and Hollywood don't want the world to see this movie, so filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney have a unique and fun-filled distribution plan. Homes across Canada and the United States will be invited to hit play at 8PM Eastern (5PM Pacific), October 18th, 2009, and participate in the largest simultaneous film premier to date.

Here's what you need to do to join the premiere:

STEP 1: Order your premiere pack today by clicking this link. The CTF is an affiliate and will benefit from your purchase.

STEP 2: Make plans for your own premiere party October 18th. Invite your family and friends, especially those who buy into the global warming hysteria. This movie will open their eyes!

STEP 3: Forward this e-mail to your contacts across Canada so they can host their own parties.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Re: Lets talk about moving Canada forward

I appreciate this positive message -with undisputed third party facts.We have the natural and people resources to be number one in a competitve world . We are indeed moving forward!
My concern is that we do not frittter away our advantages to special interest or garbage strike entitlement  groups. It can be said that it is not how much you spend - but the effectiveness and delivery of the spending that counts. How do we delayer the overhead,reduce the restrictions to real market business growth or real economic growth?
Food for thought- USA example  given by David Galland in Casey's Daily Dispatch
Given the conservatively estimated $50 trillion in obligations the government has saddled future taxpayers with - much of it linked to well-intentioned Social Security and Medicare programs - I remain steadfast in my view that expanding medical coverage should wait until we as a nation have addressed the overarching question of what to do about the unsupportable size and weight of the government we already have. Or, at the very least, the conversation over universal healthcare should be part and parcel of that broader debate.
Sorry, but if you want universal healthcare, you can't also have your Amtrak subsidies, or car company bailouts, or troops in 130 countries, or your war in Afghanistan, or your FDA, OSHA, FCC, your Head Start programs, food stamps, winter fuel subsidies, etc., etc., ad infinitum.
There is a real world and a fantasy world. And while people suffer painful and difficult health-related issues in the real world, you can't make those problems go away simply by pulling out the Monopoly game and handing out pretty bits of paper. Well, I guess maybe you can - but not without dire consequences to our society and our heavily indebted economy.
I like to think of myself as a caring and even sensitive person, and given the choice of, say, keeping troops in Iraq or paying for health insurance for a lot of needy people, I will certainly opt for the latter.
But we as a society can't have it all. It is your right to disagree with my argument that the nation is stone-cold broke and that asking for universal healthcare at this point is like being unable to afford a bicycle but demanding a Rolls Royce.
A number of you also wrote challenging me to come up with a fix-all solution so we can have universal healthcare. Okay, here it is.
Tomorrow morning, or as soon as possible thereafter, begin the process of closing down at least half of the current government. Simultaneously, wipe away any laws deemed to be anti-business or anti-wealth accumulation. Starting by slashing corporate taxes to zero (companies don't pay taxes, consumers do), adopt a flat income tax starting at 20%, but with a clear path to lower it to 10% over the next decade. Do away with capital gains and let the world know we're happy to have them invest in American companies. Further, institute the British system whereby if you bring a lawsuit and lose, you pay for the other guy's legal costs. While that will result in some additional challenges for small guys who want to sue big guys, it will also dramatically clear out the legal system and radically reduce the burden businesses now bear in fighting off frivolous suits brought against them by lawyers working on contingencies.
Maybe, once you accomplished all of that - and then made some even deeper cuts - we could afford the price of universal healthcare. We would certainly dramatically increase the wealth and prosperity of this nation, as the world's entrepreneurs would fall all over themselves to do business here and not elsewhere.

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Hi Siegfried, it's Mike Duffy

I want to talk to you about the positive changes and exciting future we have going for us as Canadians. That is why I am sending you a link to your personalized video. I hope you will take a few moments to view the video and then tell me about your priorities and what you want Canada to achieve next.

Please click on this link to view your personalized video:

Thanks for your time.

Mike Duffy


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