Monday, February 07, 2005

Power of the Pen: Secrets of Effective Complaint Letters

Power of the Pen: Secrets of Effective Complaint Letters

Making people aware of the problem is 90% of the problem. A well written letter can put service organizations on notice and gives them the opportunity to deliver a acceptable solution. A letter calls for accountability! A simple letter can take down a shoddy service organization particularly if your friends write one too.

Give it a try. Lots of action for the price of a stamp. Chuckle - S

People make a good living writing letters .

Rarely does a day go by when most of us do not have to deal with surly salespeople, cheaply made products, or vast and indifferent bureaucracies. Most of us endure this with a stoicism worthy of Seneca himself. After all, what's the use of complaining? It all seems to fall on deaf ears, anyway.

But the world needn't be like this, according to Ellen Phillips, consumer consultant and founder of Ellen's Poison Pen, Inc. Since 1988, Phillips has been helping frustrated consumers to get refunds and apologies from everyone from the corner druggist to massive insurance agencies. In her book, Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed!, Phillips shares the secrets of writing letters of complaint that get results. The first few chapters cover the general dos and don'ts of writing effective letters of complaint (remain calm, use polite language), along with useful advice from legal experts (don't embellish, stick to the facts).
The chapters that follow target specific problems we all face at some time in our lives, ranging from getting bumped from a flight to the secrets of successfully dealing with your HMO. Each chapter contains bullet points, illustrative anecdotes, and a number of example letters, most of which were based on actual letters sent on behalf of Phillips's clients. On top of all this, Phillips also provides an appendix listing the names and addresses of over 600 major companies, government agencies, and consumer organizations. Phillips believes that we should get what we pay for, and after reading her book, you'll be able to stand up for your rights with confidence.Product Description:How to get the best of shoddy shops, crooked car-dealerships, and heartless HMOs--without having to hire an attorney.
The Miss Manners of the consumer kvetch shows readers how to go postal, with complaint letters designed to melt the heart and sting the conscience of the most obdurate, negligent, or customer-hostile corporations.
Drawing on her experience as a pen-for-hire for irate consumers--and on the advice of clients, attorneys, and CEOs--Ellen Phillips shows readers:
- Who to write to, what to say, what to ask for - The names and addresses of over 600 major companies- How to draft personal petitions covering everything from tenant-landlord disputes to workman's compensation- Suggestions on what steps to take to avoid litigation- Consumer Smarts for automobile buyers- How to protect yourself from fraudulent business solicitations- Navigating the courts to ensure the well-being of your family and children- Help in getting proper coverage from your HMO- And--because sometimes the world is on your side--how to write the perfect thank- you note.Delightfully readable, easy to use, and filled with the addresses of hundreds of corporate customer relations offices and state and federal agencies, Shocked, Appalled, and Dismayed! is an essential resource for anyone who wants to reach out and scold somebody.

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