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Candidates agree with demolition - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA

Candidates agree with demolition - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA

What will the Candidates for Ward 4 say next week ? An informed public is a strong public. Plan to attend next week on wednesday at 12 noon at the Station Coffee house and gallery .

Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tools - Interactive Website for Local Government Statistics Launched - Frontier Online -

Media Release - Frontier Centre Launches New Interactive Website for Local Government Statistics The Frontier Centre for Public Policy today launched a new website which turns its three-year-old Local Government Performance Index into an interactive tool for journalists, municipal staff, and the public. The site contains comparative statistics from the Annual Reports of Canada’s municipalities, and judgements on the quality of their reporting. The URL is

The Most Common Mistake CEOs Make — and How to Fix It | On Leadership | BNET

The Most Common Mistake CEOs Make — and How to Fix It On Leadership BNET

This is a worthwhile read

The Most Common Mistake CEOs Make — and How to Fix It By Kerry Sulkowicz
May 20th, 2010 @ 4:05 am

As an advisor to CEOs, I’m often asked what’s the most frequent mistake they make. While there are many — after all, they’re human — I’d say the most common one is not acting quickly enough on “people problems.”
The consequences can be disastrous. Keeping bad apples too long, especially in key roles, breeds all kinds of difficulties including dysfunctional teams, poor morale, and various liability risks. Ultimately, failing to address the problem of an under-performing or misbehaving senior executive undermines the credibility and authority of the CEO, and that sort of damage is hard to repair.

In an interview in the the New York Times Magazine, Alan Greenberg, the former Chairman of Bear Stearns, was asked why he didn’t fire James Cayne, his successor as CEO, who famously played bridge and golf during the week the company was going under and reportedly smoked pot in his office. Greenberg’s responses are classic rationalization: Cayne “owned about 5 percent of the company”; “it was hard to complain when things looked so rosy.” Owning 5 percent of nothing turns out not to be such a big deal, and everyone knows that things can look rosy but be rotten underneath.
It’s worth thinking about why CEOs often have so much trouble pulling the trigger. Some of the most decisive, visionary, principled business leaders I know still have trouble with this one issue. Here are a few reasons I’ve encountered, offered not as excuses but as explanations:

The CEO is too far removed from the executive in question and doesn’t quite see the extent of the problem. This can be compounded by a failure of talent management, in which the CEO doesn’t get the full scoop on problem people.

The CEO is too close to the executive in question. Either he or she is blinded by personal feelings of affection or loyalty, or others in the organization believe the executive is “protected” and are afraid to offer critical feedback about the CEO’s friend.

The CEO is aware of the problem, and showers the executive with all kinds of resources like 360 feedback, coaching, leadership development training, reassignment to another role, reading the latest bestseller on leadership, etc., all of which turn out to be exercises in wishful thinking and a big waste of time, because most people really don’t change very much.
The executive is high performing. The CEO makes the calculated decision that the benefits of keeping the person outweigh, or at least justify, the risks. This can be an exercise in self-delusion, because the benefits of the high producer are often eventually overtaken by the harm to the organization — and to the CEO’s reputation.

So what’s to be done? Perhaps most important is the need for CEOs to be more realistic about the malleability of human behavior. Our personalities are largely set by the time we’re adolescents or young adults. It’s not like you can send a problematic executive off for five years of psychoanalysis — which is what it really might take to make a dent in their behavior — and say “Come back and see me when you’re done.” My clinical background often comes in handy when assessing an executive’s capacity for change, and it allows me to tell CEOs that, in some cases, what they see is what they’re gonna get.

CEOs also need to recognize that their own emotions — their guilt about letting someone go, or their desire for financial performance at all costs, or their desire to be liked, or their fear of mustering the courage to be proactive and assertive — are major factors in this common conundrum. But what I also remind my CEO clients is that, as hard as these decisions are, people are usually tremendously relieved after they’ve made them and wish they’d acted sooner.

Kerry J. Sulkowicz, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, is the founder of the Boswell Group, a consulting firm focusing on the psychology of business. One of the nation's leading corporate psychoanalysts, he advises CEOs, corporate directors, and other business leaders on critical aspects of managing complex organizations.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Re: HST Petition If Interested

Advocacy information for your information and pass on please to those that are interested  
         HST Petition - FYI and action if you choose.
         We need signatures of 10% of Ontario 's population to call a referendum, please show your opposition to HST.

Tax grab -and accountability?  -Be heard ?          -----------------------------------------------:

         Hey Friends,
         Please, sign this petition  and send it to
everyone you know. Now is not the time to be complacent. If
we all get behind this and do our part we can affect change
and send a very powerful message to the Premier of Ontario.
They've raised the roof out in B.C.and for the life of me I
can't understand why they aren't reacting here. Blows my
mind. At least B.C isn't adding the HST to gas. You know,
the sad thing about this whole situation is that the folks
in Ontario won't react until they see the price at the pump
jump by 8% on July 1st, as well as their heating bill,hydro
bill, water, etc.and perhaps shit will hit the fan then,
when it's too late. Let's just hope it picks up speed so
we're able to sign up 10% so we can hold a referendum. We
only have 6 weeks until this bill becomes law so you and
everyone you know has to sign this petition now and keep it

         Your support is appreciated so please do not
delete this message -sign the petition and  pass it on


         HST Petition - FYI and action if you choose.

         We need signatures of 10% of Ontario 's population
to call a referendum, please show your opposition to HST.

         British Columbia is protesting every day to stop
the HST in their province. Why aren't we?  This is not a
"done deal" as they'd love for us to believe.  Please sign
the petition and circulate widely!  And forward to your

         please sign as soon as you can !!!

Hollecrest & Associates Inc   -"Turnaround Consultants" .

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Re: Seven Yrs of Dalton McGuinty

Thank you - very informative - least we foget  S

For the record

                             MAKES FOR SOME VERY INTERESTING READING.

     Dalton McGuinty

     Here is what our Premier has done for Ontario in the  past  seven years!!!!!!

     This was no tax increase election campaign.

     He increased all the licensing fees from your car to  your boat   including fishing and hunting.

     He introduced the health care premium (not called a
tax.)  Some couples

     pay as much as $1,500.00 a year.

     He doubled the price of most lottery tickets. (Not called a tax).

     He has put an ECO tax on many containers such as paint s and window

     washer fluid.  Most people still don't realize it is
on your bill.  He kept

     that one real quiet

     He has put a disposal tax on all electronics.

     He has put the disposal tax back on tires

     Now don't forget that all except the health care
premium are subject

     to the GST and PST (taxes on taxes.)

     And now he has passed the HST - the largest tax on the
province ever.

     The only other tax in Ontario that ever came close to
this in the past

     was the health care premium.

     He passed this bill even though 76% of the people in
Ontario were against


     This HST will provide the Province with an additional

     dollars a year.

     And now we will have our S.M.A.R.T. meters that we
will have to pay

     rent on and do our laundry in the middle of the night.
 We are going

     to pay big time for air conditioning from now on
because when we need

     it the most - that will be prime time. As if it costs
any more to

     produce hydro at two in the afternoon or ten at night
- another tax


     Let us not forget the E health scandal with one point
two billion

     dollars wasted and paid out to friends and relatives.

     What was Mr. McGuinty's answer to this (well if the
people of Ontario

     don't like it, they can show it in the next

     attitude. This was after he fired the CEO and gave her
a severance

     package of three hundred thousand dollars.  Not bad
for only having the

     job for seven months.

     Then the windmill power plant - he awards the contract
to KOREA for seven

     BILLION DOLLARS. One would think that there was some
place in Canada

     or North America that could have built these.

     He closed the emergency rooms in Port Colburne and
Fort Erie because

     there is not enough money and there have been two
deaths since because

     by the time they got to St.Catharines, it was to late.

     He awards a hospital in Toronto three million dollars
in the riding

     where there just happens to be a by-election to
replace George


     He has taken the richest, most prosperous province in
Canada, to one of

     the poorest and has created a deficit of TWENTY SEVEN

     and he still has a year and a half to go.

     And don't forget his nice little salary increase of
$40,000.00 a

     year.  Millions of people in the province don't earn
half that.

     All the MPP'S got 14% increase

     Now that they all got nice increases he comes out with
a new budget

     and freezes all provincial employees wages for two

     He has increased the hydro by 10% in April of 2010.

     He has increased the tax on liquor and wine by 10% in
May of 2010

     But Mister No Tax McGuinty will retire with his nice

     pension and all his paid benefits.

     I hope this gets passed around the province of Ontario
and everybody

     remembers the way we got screwed by mister McGinty and
the liberal

     party.  Not one liberal MPP had enough guts to vote
against any of the above.

Hollecrest & Associates Inc   -"Turnaround Consultants" .

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