Friday, February 11, 2005

We all look forward to the commissioners report

And they say the justice system is blind - not anywhere as blind as the old Minister of Finance. Check it out -is this not a great way to spend our Money -chuckle . Be outraged -these people have no excuse for the public defrauding .

News network: "Martin, the first sitting prime minister to testify publicly in over 130 years, also testified Thursday that he:
Had no involvement with the ad agencies that got money through the program.
Didn't know until 1996 about a secretive unity reserve fund Chretien controlled that was used as startup funding for the sponsorship program, even though it was included in federal spending plans the previous year.
Wasn't involved in doling out grants in Quebec even though he was the Liberal lieutenant for the province.
Martin said he was absorbed with slashing the deficit and dealing with an international economic crisis in the mid-1990s - not focusing on sponsorship. "

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