Monday, September 10, 2007

Election warning APES promise free everything

The APES are offering free bananas again -it must be election time Monday, September 10, 2007

Voters turn to bringing accountability back into the government service equation;

How do we get our real entitled ,paid for government services back? Fight for them and counteract government APE-isms and their negative consequences on your right to live your life with the minimum of government intrusions and expensive artificial government imposed annoyances. Protect your natural rights of quite enjoyment ,liberty. What are government APE-isms? What is a government APE?

An APE is defined as a government, government directed individual or government funded agency that abuses its authority and misuses its public mandate and the public’s rights and trust for their own interest and not of the stated organization mandate, the stated customers needs and/or the people that they are supposed to serve,help and protect.

  • A - using their Authority in a frivolous, arrogant , officious manner to deliver services in an intimadating , autocratic and bureaucratic , unprofessional, secretative and non transparant way , that is costly,economically absurd and ineffecient to increase their own self serving power, agenda and importance and to increase compliance costs on their targeted victims in a punnative and demeaning way.

  • P- using their Power to perform in an ineffective and costly manner. Incessantly talking the talk at great lengths but always defering the real and needed delivery of the service or walk. ( A group of highly Paid Public Resources that never become accountable for walking the talk- they talk never walk the talk because of the real risk to themselves.)

  • E- demonstrating a lack of Effeciency and Effectiveness in supplying basic services to their customers and constituents by complicating and drawing our issues , rather then simplfying and fixing problems and challenges in a timely manner. Empowering themselves at the expense of the front line and customers that they are supposed to serve.

Always challenge and make the APES accountable this election-do not accept free bananas and excuses for bad performance with your tax money

Ontario MPP's, politicians list

Election time is here. Ask your mpp an accountability question- where did my money go and why should you get more of it? Show me proof that you spent my money wisely Why should I vote for you?

If everything is free why does it cost me more to live?
Ontario MPP's, politicians list

Friday, September 07, 2007

Election warning

The promises of free goodies paid for by your money are coming! Be aware of the danger -use your common sense.

ASK Questions and get an accounting of why now and not before. Cynicism is earned when there is no delivery of past promises.

Election warning