Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: White guys not wanted

And just what is wrong with merit? Another special interest agenda which deprives
people with the necessay skills to compete by the gatekeepers- PR

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: White guys not wanted: "White guys not wanted
Buried deep in Ralph Goodale's big pile of budget documents last week is a promise to combat racism. One of the documents reiterates the pledge from last October's throne speech to 'strengthen Canada's ability to combat racism, hate speech and hate crimes.'
And so the budget earmarks $56 million over the next five years to implement an action plan that will 'reinforce the government of Canada's ongoing commitment to eliminating racist behaviours and attitudes.'
Capital idea. And we suggest that, unless the federal Liberals want to be labelled the biggest political hypocrites ever, they start by eliminating and denouncing their racist and discriminatory hiring policies, such as the one being promulgated by Correctional Service of Canada, which is rejecting any job applications that don't come from visible-minority and aboriginal candidates.
Michele Pilon-Santilli defended the policy, saying that 'representation is an integral part of today's public service, as is education, experience and linguistic capabilities.'
Fine. We think it's laudable for employers to strive for fair representation of all segments of society, and to promote and encourage people from under-represented groups to apply for positions -- as the City of Winnipeg is attempting to do with aboriginals.
But we draw the line at a quota-based system, where targets are achieved through exclusionary hiring practices in which the right to apply is denied to citizens who may be the best-qualified applicants. It's a sledgehammer approach that can only be described as blatantly racist and discriminatory.
This officially sanctioned discrimination isn't confined to Correctional Service of Canada, either. The Jobs Canada website operated by the federal government is chock"

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