Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Macleans.ca | The air India tragedy re-visited

It is unfortunate that we have witnessed so many displays of inadvertence and public official ineptitude in march - the government's id's of March so to speak. Four RCMP officers get killed - following what procedure, those that caused the air India disaster have not been found, and the Adscam inquiry keeps Canadians badly entertained like the black soap opera it is. Time for renewal- and the recapture of our values away from the expensive bunglers who cost so much yet produce or deliver so little.

Macleans.ca | Top Stories | Canada | It can't end here: "Beyond that, the trial produced only questions: If not Malik and Bagri, who ran the conspiracy? Was it ineptitude, indifference or racism that led to such a flawed investigation? Should the case -- as frail, damaged and incomplete as the parts of the recovered jetliner the prosecution assembled in a secret warehouse -- have even gone to trial? Above all, what happens now? "

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