Monday, March 21, 2005

National Post Moves in the right direction?

Maybe Canadians will have a real choice soon . PRNational Post: "The convention strongly backed Mr. Harper's promise to enact legislation preserving the traditional definition of marriage.
It also endorsed a publicly funded health care system under which services would be delivered through the 'most appropriate public or private provider based on quality and cost.'
Several resolutions commit a Tory government to significant reductions in personal and corporate taxes. Others promise more money to tackle fiscal imbalances with the provinces, as well as more generous benefits and tax breaks to veterans, caregivers, stay-at-home parents and post-secondary students.
Delegates backed reopening the Kyoto climate-change protocol, returning to the negotiating table on U.S. missile defence, appointing only senators who have been elected in their provinces, and giving MPs a chance to ratify Supreme Court of Canada nominees in a free vote"

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