Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What will happen next to Condo Developer Adam?

Backgrounder and reference. On March 3, our besieged developer Adam , will again be before the court to face the Crown and the Revenue Canada Golliath.

We are all waiting to see if the "officially induced error" defense will work. It normally takes more then one party to have a criminal act . The question is also why no one, at Revenue Canada, has it would seem been held to account for allowing the events to happen in the first place. Have the qualified "highly trained and knowledgeable "counter people or the auditor of Revenue Canada who approved the release of funds or whose instructions were followed , been criminally charged,as well?

Are there two sets of rules in place -one for normal or common citizens and one for "insulated from" or "above the law" government workers? What a ridiculous question. As the current Adscam inquery shows and which has shed light on other lax government due diligence creteria , we will see how "Common justice" will be "fairly" and "equally" served tommorrow and in the future.

The proceedings start tommorrow at 10 at the main Brantford Court house for those who wish to attend. We will keep you posted

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