Thursday, March 17, 2005

Northern Tiger Recipes from the Frontier Centre

The premier think tank in Manitoba -the Frontier Centre- has a receipe for success -enjoy -for all who think there is room for improvement in existing government services at all levels- This is a good link for improvement ideas . PR

FCPP Publications :: Northern Tiger Recipes: "The lesson for the federal Liberals and, closer to home, our own Government, is to forget yesterday's obsession with alternately redistributing and subsidizing a slowly growing economic pie. An intelligent pruning and restructuring of public spending to hold increases slightly below the economic growth rate, with the growth dividend applied to lower taxes, mean more government revenues in the medium and long term. To maximize growth, we need to reduce public spending in Canada from 41% to 30% of the economy, a level similar to that in the much admired Celtic model (and, not coincidentally, the U.S.)"

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