Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Superior Court Justice Jane Milanetti

Evaluating damage at the Justice Building Superior Court Justice Jane Milanetti

· Checks out the damage at the Brantford Courthouse
· Is a proponent of saving architectural historic buildings particularly the Wellington court house to its 19th century grace
· The water damage has caused delays because there is nowhere else in the building to accommodate juries

Source: Expositor “Restoring an architectural jewel” March 29, 2005

Will adjudicate the issue of “officially induced error” on April 14, 2005 in the case of A. Stelmaszniski and Revenue Canada

The legal issue to be determined in this case:

“The defense of ‘officially-induced error’ is available as a defense to an alleged violation of a regulatory statute where an accused has reasonably relied upon the erroneous legal opinion or advise of an official who is responsible for the administration or enforcement of the particular law. “

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Anonymous said...

The justice has a hard decision to make on the fundamental justice front - a persons life is at stake which is more important then water damage to a historic building . Maybe she should get the developer to give her avice how to fix the building