Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Seniors slam butt-ban plan

Insanity seems to run rampant in the civil service with their special agendas. whatever happened to individual rights . Why not draft a proposal which would permit the firing of any " civil " service intruder who comes up with these intrusive , time waisting and ill conceived "health " inniatitives. PR
Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - Seniors slam butt-ban plan: "Seniors slam butt-ban plan

Would forbid smoking in homes


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jane said...

There is a simple solution….. let the caregiver decide if they prefer to be in a non-smoking environment and state so on their resume-there must be plenty of non-smoking elders who need care! Let the smokers or those who don’t have a preference take care of the elders who smoke. Why should our elders once again be the victims—what about their rights!!!!!!