Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What you can do about Canadian Justice-standup and be counted

Going through the justice sound barrier
- Gomery, Milliken , Truscott have things in common

Speak up and be counted to recapture a system of justice that should be there by natural right. It is frightening to walk in to a Court of Justice in Canada today. By the luck of the draw -you might get a sympathetic judge -who wants to hear the facts, be fair and will listen despite the myriad of rules and the convoluted and rigid procedure that your opposition thrives on and that you are not conversant with. Have faith-These strong and exemplary people are the "Natural or common law judges” who are still interested in the truth, honour and the integrity of the justice system. They are willing to pierce the shield of "system rules, legal jargon, maneuvering and procedures" to make a just ruling. They are rare but fortunately still there for you-as Justice Gomery of ”adscam fame” attests.

Courts can be intimidating. Many people have faced the challenge of injustice, ineptitude and being wronged. Very few citizens have the courage to speak in the current court or blood sport arena of today, or have the will to be pillared or ridiculed for their truly felt beliefs. Those that speak without a lawyer as an intermediary or interpreter have to be truly confident in themselves, their facts and have the fortitude of their convictions.

Good people have lead the way.Many people have been jailed - rightly according to the prevailing law- wrongly according to natural or fundamental law. The late Pope Paul was jailed by a now defunct and morally bankrupt regime in Poland. He handled the challenge and encouraged everyone with the words “Have no fear". By implication he meant speak up and challenge obvious wrongs. Gandhi and Mandela were also criminals according to the prevailing authorities of the time. They ended up “rehabilitating " their nations based on their true convictions and changing the law of the land to be more reflective of the concept of natural justice, or normal human decency or behavior for that matter.

Don't be afraid - is easy to say but hard to do when faced with the overwhelming odds. Have courage against the odds.The odds include the whole system of prevailing highly paid ,mostly low delivery, often marginally talented government whores feeding in the public trough –“a adscam type trough that you built for them “ - by not standing up to them in the first place. Our court system is often overpopulated by arrogant malfeasance, frivolous inadvertence with a who cares "non- officially induced error" attitude as the common thread, plus the dubious advantage and ability to escape scrutiny, be immune from or above reality by not being held accountable for their actions or misadventures. Unfortunately, that is the reality or appears to be the rule or chaos prevalent in our courts of today.

Don't be afraid, but fight and stand the line of your principles, stare down those paid favorite chosen few and get a true and full accounting -make them at least work for their marginal and sand bagged victory(s). Remember intelligence, true facts and the courage of your convictions can still carry the day against any bully-either big or small.- if natural justice or rights are permitted. Anyone has the right to break the justice sound barrier if they have the courage and will to do it. S. H

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bob said...

Justice is not something accessible to everyday
Canadians. The more fuss we make, the more determined
the morally bankrupt system is to pull us back into
line. Think of it as a cattle drive. We have no choices
or options. There is only one real hope and that is a
change in government. Not just any change, we need a
government who is not afraid to challenge the
impenetrable civil service yoke of control on the
country. At least half of them should be eliminated and
the rest should be put in mortal fear of their jobs.
Can the Tories do it? Probably not. It would take a
great deal of moral courage and politicians by
definition have none.