Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What are they saying contest


Anonymous said...

Why don't we bribe Ontario's liberal McQuinty with cash and hope that they fall for it again.

How much should I spent to hold our 75 seats in Ontario? We can get away with it-honestly,trust me on this -Paul.

Anonymous said...

Please let me run an inquery on the Air India fiasco - we need to get a return on the 2oo million we spent , and ensure that the 500 people who worked on this security project-vote for us-besides as a further benifit the victims might actually vote for us too . Please Paul help me retain my seat in B.C-give me something meaningful to say

Jane said...

"Where can we hide where they won't find us--how far can we get!
I think we've really upset hem this time-what's your opinion?"