Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: A pope for our times

Would it not be great -if we had a Canadian leader who could rule our country with the same conviction . The gomery inquest shows that we need one. PR
Winnipeg Sun Editorial: A pope for our times: "The message is simple: The Gospels contain 'absolutes' of moral conduct that are non-negotiable. Mere mortals cannot live up to those standards, but their Christian duty is to make the effort and to recognize when they fail. The concepts of sin, repentance and divine forgiveness are the very essence of the Christian faith.
As a German who lived through the Nazi and Communist eras, Cardinal Ratzinger saw the bitter fruits of systems that denied those absolutes in favour of 'sinless' ideals of humanity -- and undoubtedly that experience helped shape his commitment to hard-line doctrine.
He is tough. As the Vatican's doctrinal watchdog since 1981, he cracked down on the Marxist-influenced 'liberation theology' popular in Latin America, issued a strong denunciation of homosexuality and gay marriage, and rejected attempts by theologians to embrace eastern religions as part of God's plan for humanity. Last year, he denounced 'radical feminism' as an ideology that was anti-family, blurring the natural differences between the sexes. "

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