Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The media elite’s grip on the news is almost over

This is a provocative view of a pending consumer utopia of choice. Imagine -You the individual have the choice, have the power to be heard, have the power to speak. The democratization of thought - by breaking the push media monopoly to a pull market where you control what information or product/service you want . The blog pull niche versus the conventional push media mass marketers is very appealing and liberating to " do your own thing in your own space". Obviously this is a frightening not liberating prospect for the existing entrenched thought gatekeepers who will lose control , resist but die if they can not compete for your attention or deliver your interest.

Individual empowerment is nere- great. Bloggers -Give the old gatekeepers’ with their stifling agendas to thought, innovation and creativity a competitive run for their money. Chuckle –PR Making a proactive difference

Aims Article a must read:
The media elite’s grip on the news is almost over.

And A few decades ago it was media elites and others on the left who hounded presidents out of office. They set the agenda for news coverage and stories. Today it is media bloggers on the populist right who hound the Dan Rathers of this world into retirement – not just because they disagree with him, but because the old media elites are now themselves held accountable.

In a column in the Chronicle-Herald and the Times-Transcript, AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley suggests the old media elite grip on the news is almost over. Read about how technology and consumer power are changing the media world forever, and how far Canadian public policy has to go to catch up.

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Ed said...

Now if we can get the same thing going for " big government" -ie move it from massive push strategy to a selective pull (for the citizen) strategy -the days of enlightment would really be here. Great stuff.There is hope.