Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Buck stops at Broadway

malfesance everywhere -when and where will it end -federally, provincially -groan . PR
Winnipeg Sun Editorial: Buck stops at Broadway: "Complaints and allegations have been swirling around this fund for at least a year. And as recently as December, board members were still allegedly violating their own rules and procedures for determining share price.
A responsible government would have, through its board representative, investigated the source of the complaints and ensured rules and procedures were being followed.
Instead, the Doer government did nothing, putting thousands of investors at risk of losing their retirement savings.
It's further proof that when it comes to finances, you can't trust an NDP government with your money.
It also raises alarm bells with us that many of the members on this board are some of the most powerful union bosses in the province who are inextricably linked to the NDP government.
They help elect the NDP and have significant influence on government policy. It makes us very nervous that these people are helping run the province."

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