Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax info online - Chatham Daily News - Ontario, CA

Tax info online - Chatham Daily News - Ontario, CA: "Tax info online
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" making the system more user friendly and convenient-another first for chatham -thumbs up" -PR

The municipality says its online property tax service has simplified the process for those seeking information.
Sixty-six per cent of all property tax certificates are now delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on the municipal website at
Chief administrative officer Rob Browning credited staff for the initiative, which has been in place for eight months.
'This service makes Chatham-Kent a national leader in this kind of customer service,' he said in a release. 'Municipal employees saw an opportunity to combine financial systems with information technology and come up with a major improvement.'
Anyone can buy a one-year $100 subscription to access general property tax information. Of the customers, 49 per cent are law firms, 43 per cent are realtors and eight per cent are financial firms.
A $40 charge is applied for each official statement of taxes.
The municipality stated it is the only Ontario jurisdiction to offer an online, self-service, real-time delivery, tax certificate program.
For more information, visit call 519-360- 1998."

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