Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If Hudak is new Harris, why go backwards? - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA

If Hudak is new Harris, why go backwards? - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA: "If Hudak is new Harris, why go backwards?
Posted By Peter Takacs Brantford
Posted 7 mins ago

Re: 'Hudak pledges to energize party' by Michael-Allan Marion (April 11, 2009).
'To some, Hudak seemed like a younger, more brightly polished version of former Ontario Tory premier Mike Harris, extolling the virtues of hard work, playing by the rules, rewarding initiative, and building strong families.' I read the start of the article and found that observational sentence by Mr. Marion very ironic. I am sure it would interest people to know that one of Mr. Hudak's top campaign supporters for his leadership campaign is Mr. Mike Harris himself."


Q-jumpers said...

We need to move forward with Hudak not backward as stated by the entitled special interest writer

And just what is wrong with new energy based on
-younger- ie not worn out thinking
-brighter-ie not dumb and ready to try new things
-hard work advocate -ie believes in performane not entitlements
-playing by the rules-ie no special deals for friends
-rewarding initiative-ie earning it fairly by following economic rules
-family values-ie proven things that are fundamental to strong growth

This seems like a step forward not backward to me. Maybe we can move forward from the age of underperforming entitlement to a new age of enlightnment.

Anonymous said...

Is Harris realy a bogeyman to fighten all the children in the special interest groups and the tales from the trough people.

Check your facts please Harris is not really that scary compared to the commissars we now have in control
- the biggest deficit in Ontario's history is by Dalton
- the greatest increase in entitlements -more money to unionized non profits -for less service -is by Dalton
- the most hospitals closed -is by Dalton
- the most taxes taken -is by Dalton
- the must blatant unethical broken promise-will not increase taxes agreement-by Dalton

Anonymous said...

Posted 1 hour ago

I was very pleased to see Tim Hudak was in Brantford last week -- surely one of his first campaign stops since the Ontario PC Party's leadership race was called. It's a good sign when any leader of any political party comes to listen to local concerns.

From your coverage, I like what I read about Tim Hudak. It truly is a sad state of affairs that Ontario is now a recipient of equalization payments. And we're in for a string of the biggest deficits in our province's history. Even Newfoundland is better off than Ontario. Under Dalton McGuinty's Liberals, we have truly slipped to the back of the pack. One only needs to glance at the news these days to see story after story about jobs vanishing from Brantford and cities around us.

We need an experienced, focused and energetic leader at Queen's Park to get Ontario working again, and to stand up for middle class families. It sounds to me like Tim Hudak is that leader. Let's get the fundamentals right and get this province back to where we ought to be.

Dan Houssar Scotland