Monday, April 13, 2009

Harper's policies lay egg with voters - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA

Harper's policies lay egg with voters - Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA: "Harper's policies lay egg with voters By GREG WESTON

As the Conservative government continues its relentless campaign to woo voters with their own money and many press releases, recent opinion polls suggest increasing numbers of ungrateful Canadians are instead giving Prime Minister Stephen Harper the cold shoulder."

At home, the Conservatives are in trouble even on their traditionally safe files such as law and order. Perhaps the clearest sign of desperation is the bill to kill the rifle registry, recently introduced in the Senate. It is a sure-fire vote-loser in the cities where the Liberals are gaining ground.
And therein lies what may be Harper's biggest problem of all. Ever since Michael Ignatieff became Liberal leader in the infamous bloodless coup before Christmas, the Harper brain trust has been waiting for the Grits to screw up.
Instead, Ignatieff has wisely spent his time bringing money, talent and discipline to his party, keeping a relatively low profile, and leaving Harper and Co. to get run over by the economy.
As Harper looks at what lies ahead this Easter, he may be wishing he could hippity-hop down the bunny trail and right out of Dodge.

The 60 billion doesn't seem to have much traction Now what -should they try talent and discipline? Pr

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