Friday, April 24, 2009


Smugness and Stupidity and Unnatural Entitlements

Thanks -here is another food for thought for you from nature . There are great parallels here . You can substitute any smug group or government institution as the golden beetle with the juice and the docile and naive public( taxpayers) whose stupidity let it happen with their own resources -the public- the industrious sanguine ants.

lessons from the wild

Vernon Eaton, commenting on the book, Ways of the Ant, by John Crompton, writes: "A pleasure-mad ( or give me free goodies )society needs to take a lesson from the Sanguine ants and their affair with the Golden-Haired beetle."

"The ants' normal diet is plain, often to the point of austerity, but they love unusual and exotic tidbits and will go to any lengths to satisfy this craving. For example, the Golden-Haired beetle exudes from the base of its golden hairs some secretion which ants find irresistible. So it is allowed to do anything it likes, even lay its own eggs, which soon turn to grubs. So besotted and obsessed do the worker ants become that they feed the beetle with food intended for their own infants, and even with food reserved for the queen."

"Worse, much worse, they allow the beetle to kill their infants and eat them. They even kill their own infants themselves and feed them to this stranger. The beetle repays them with a generous allowance of the secretion they crave…. The end is not immediate. The colony may last two years more, but the end is certain."

So how do we get the ants off the golden beetle juice before they die an unnatural death? Sieg

- Morley

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