Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FCPP Publications :: Moderate Taxes May Lead to Civilization

FCPP Publications :: Moderate Taxes May Lead to Civilization: "To know you're getting a good deal, one has to be able to compare services and costs and to choose other suppliers if prices are too high or services inadequate. But governments are often held hostage by monopolistic public sector unions. That has consequences. A few years back, a BC health care union went on an illegal strike for one week and caused surgeries to be cancelled at the BC Children's hospital.

Or there is this measurement. Data from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business reveals wages and benefits in the public sector are significantly higher than in similar private sector jobs: by 41.7 per cent federally, 24.9 per cent provincially, and 35.9 per cent municipally. Also, in the public health care sector, wages and benefits exceed private comparables by 19 per cent."

This is a real eye opener on why high taxes that fund high entitlement programs are bad for civilization Pr

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