Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Put the Breaks on Big Auto Bailouts

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Driving Taxpayers off the Launched to Put the Brakes on Big Auto Bailouts

As both US and Canadian governments ramp up handouts to Big Auto, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has launched an online petition at

In addition to the $782-million received by the big three automakers in Canada from federal and provincial governments over the past five years, GM and Chrysler will now receive an additional $4-billion in “short-term loans," $185-million to back new car warranties and a further $700-million to support the auto parts industry. Is this how politicians think we want our taxes spent?With the strong prospect of another $6-billion being readied to pour down the proverbial tank, it’s time for taxpayers to slam on the brakes. Don’t let big unions and big corporations get away with this.Your financial support allows us to slam the breaks on wasteful government spending and other issues important to taxpayers.

Public opinion polls show a majority of Canadians oppose these costly, bottomless handouts. It’s time politicians hear from the taxpayers paying the bills, and not from special interests feeding at the trough. One angry taxpayer may not be heard, but tens-of-thousands of bailout-paying citizens speaking with one voice cannot be ignored. The CTF is already leading the charge -- earning headlines from coast-to-coast in opposition to auto bailouts.

Sign our petition at and forward it onto everyone you know! Your friends, family and co-workers all pay taxes. Let’s get the attention of our politicians.

I agree -think about all the other things we could do with our money- PR

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