Thursday, April 20, 2006

Osprey Media. - Brantford Expositor

With due respect -It is just another broken promise like MRI funding - not daves's fault if he can't get through to the decision makers at Queen'spark - at least he tried. PR Osprey Media. - Brantford Expositor: "Downtown education centre project dead

By Michael-Allan Marion, expositor staff
Local News - Thursday, April 20, 2006 @ 01:00

City council is seeing red over the provincial government�s refusal to chip in more than $6 million toward The Brantford Centre post-secondary education project -- a decision that kills the project.

�What upsets me is the utter failure of the province to support the growth of post-secondary education in this community,� said Coun. John Starkey after reading a letter jointly signed by Laurier Brantford, Mohawk College and Grand Valley Educational Society officials."

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