Thursday, April 13, 2006

Editorial - Honesty on the table

After the unforgivable scandals that rocked the previous regime, there is nothing more important than restoring public trust in our federal government.

This, we hope, will be the start of a more honest era in Canadian politics. We all agree
PR - Editorial - Honesty on the table: "Honesty on the table

Tuesday was the biggest day so far in the life of this young Conservative government. It was also a memorable day for Canadians who long for an end to government corruption and the imposition of controls that will stop politicians and bureaucrats straying from the straight and narrow.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised his government's 252-page Accountability Act would 'replace the culture of entitlement that took root under the previous government with a culture of accountability.'
The act will, among other things, end secret donations to political parties, reduce the influence of lobbyists and beef up the role of the ethics commissioner.
It will also provide protection for whistleblowers and make the awarding of government grants more transparent. "

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