Friday, April 07, 2006 : Russo deal blasted as attempt 'to buy' better sentence

Just like any other banana republic justice is for sale in Canada- what next -politician indulgences for sale? : Russo deal blasted as attempt 'to buy' better sentence: "Attorney-General Michael Bryant refused to respond, saying he could not interfere with the plea-bargaining process.
'Until it's before open court, it would be totally inappropriate for me to speculate about what position we may or may not take.'
New Democrat Leader Howard Hampton, a former attorney-general, said any deal involving payment in return for lighter sentences would distort the principles of the justice system.
He said criminal-court judges are allowed to order restitution to victims but that this normally occurs after a verdict -- not as part of a plea bargain.
'Restitution is a good thing and Ms. Russo deserves some kind of restitution,' Mr. Hampton said, adding that any payments before a verdict 'sends all the wrong type of signals.'"

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