Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Federal Accountability Bill

Highlights of Federal Accountability Act
Canadian Press Ottawa —

Reform financing of political parties to reduce big-money influence by banning secret donations and donations from companies, unions and associations. Also limit individual donations to $1,000.

Reduce the influence of lobbyists by toughening the Lobbyists Registration Act.

Strengthen the role of the federal Ethics Commissioner with a new Conflict of Interest Act and a new Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.

Create a parliamentary budget officer to ensure objective analysis on government finances.

Ensure government appointments are based on merit.

Create a clean, transparent process for awarding government contracts, including appointing a procurement auditor.

Provide protection and a $1,000 reward for whistleblowers who disclose government wrongdoing.

Expand access to information legislation to cover some Crown corporations, federal foundations, and agents of Parliament such as the Auditor-General.

Give the Auditor-General more power.

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