Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cynical public sees public servants seen as lazy, overpaid

Cynical public sees public servants seen as lazy, overpaid: "Cynical public sees public servants seen as lazy, overpaid
demands action not words Jack Aubry, CanWest News Service; Ottawa Citizen
Published: Friday, April 21, 2006 Article tools
OTTAWA - Canadians have become hardened cynics about government accountability and the public service and only want to see action and results, a newly released government report warns.
Canadians also see the public service as disconnected, lazy and overpaid.
Based on focus groups and interviews with members of the general public and public servants across the country, the report says Canadians have reached a defining moment.
''In other words, Canadians are saying to the government: 'Don't tell me what you're going to do or how you're going to do it. Just do it. Then tell me what you've done and how it makes a difference to me','' says the frank report conducted for Treasury Board.
The 60-page paper describes Canadians as ''deeply cynical'' and mistrustful of the government because of its mismanagement in such matters as the sponsorship scandal, the Human Resources and Development Canada ''billion-dollar boondoggle'' and the federal gun registry.
However, anger over the sponsorship scandal had dissipated, it said, and the public was now looking for ''swift and firm action.''
The study also found a huge chasm between the perceptions of the public and public servants. Public servants see the public service as accountable and willing to serve Canadians while the public views it as wasteful or dishonest. Government workers see themselves as ''people like you and me,'' while the general public reportedly sees them as ''disconn"

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Anonymous said...

And this should create high levels of opportunity but it doesn't. The federal civil servants are 100% in charge of who gets hired and for what. Politicians have no say in who is hired. Therefore the lazy ____ in Public Works will hunt down the competent and dilligently exclude them from competition. The brand name boondogglers will get all the contracts which will insure that nothing changes. I have just been through the registration process so I know. The Harper government has no hope of making a difference in this environment. They have fallen into a clever liberal poison pill. You better stop playing Farmer Jack and fix this!!

I am applying for a job in Iqaluit again. I think I will get it. God is speaking to me again and I have had dreams about this job for 2 nights running. Not sure what the message is, though. It is mostly about some of the difficulties involved in moving back up there. City of Iqaluit is looking for a new CAO. They fired Ian Freemantle. Ian could be difficult so I can understand it. I believe that my faith will give me the tools to survive in a municipality.