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Re: FW: Focusing on local matters (National Post, 14 Dec 2010, Page A18)

Well done Bro- thank you for making an important difference at all levels of government  . Great accountability and forward planing tool . Please post the entire article on your web site and facebook .
Maybe we can get you to come to review results and discuss implications of the index for Brantford in the  New year as part of our City budget and renewal process. This is a positive tool that can improve our competitive performance . ( I have shared this link with our community leaders )
"Where mayors and councilors have taken it upon themselves to improve citizens' access to timely, reliable budget information, improvements in local-government services has followed. Fortunately, the Frontier Centre has decided to help kick-start the accountability process.

At its l ocal performance index website — www.lgpi.ca — the Centre lays out budget and efficiency indicators for scores of Canadian cities and lets voters compare their municipalities with others across the country, as well as against local averages for their province.

It's a small step toward improving local government, but a welcome one."


On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 6:56 AM, Peter Holle <HolleP@fcpp.org> wrote:

We got the main editorial today!


To: Peter Holle; David Seymour
Subject: Focusing on local matters (National Post, 14 Dec 2010, Page A18)


Outstanding!  Main editorial today's Post.

Focusing on local matters

National Post
14 Dec 2010

Most Canadians pay more attention to federal and provincial politics than the municipal variety. We media do the same. That's too bad, because while provincial and federal issues — health care, crime, unemployment, the environment, stimulus spending,... read more...

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