Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Continuing an Important Dialogue

This highly rated non government funded Canadian Thinktank deserves our support because it moves real discussions forward by providing compellng new and tested ways and ideas to bridge the challenges faced by everyone. It is a great resource and mind jog for those that would like to move forward and breach the entrenched convention walls that are dated and no longer competitve in the new and ever changing world we live in  




Dear Friends:


Over the years, many Canadians have helped to broaden the debate of ideas on the Canadian prairies by donating to the Frontier Centre.   Support for the Centre has allowed Frontiers' policy analysts to think "outside the box" and scour the world for practical policy solutions that work.  For example, on healthcare, Frontier has moved beyond the tired Canada-U.S. comparison and examines how European countries provide universal health care—without Canada's killer wait times.

On cities and the provision of public services, Frontier looks to New Zealand and Australia where legislation requires easy-to-understand benchmarks in performance reporting. 

And there is more.

Frontier continues to lead the debate on creating more innovative aboriginal policy in Canada.  Frontier continues to aggressively promote the idea of property rights on First Nations which are now being implemented in select First Nation communities.

Many of the above challenges issue from the presence of larger and larger government. Frontier continues to show how the over sized and low performing public sectors in the "have not" provinces are connected to well intended but excessive federal government transfers. Frontier continues to promote "smart green" environmental policy that protects the natural environment without unnecessarily constraining economic growth or personal freedom.

If you would like to see more of what the Frontier Centre has been doing, click here

To continue this intellectual missionary work we need your help.

As we approach the end of our calendar year, I would urge you to consider a donation (tax deductible) to the Frontier Centre today; an investment in a stronger and more prosperous society.


Best regards,

Peter Holle

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