Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Care rationing-What happens when there is no more money for public health care?

Health care rationing under way in the U.K.

It doesn't take long for the dream of socialized medicine to turn into a bureaucratic nightmare -- just look at Britain.

They're out of cash, so patients are out of luck.

The country's National Health Service needs to save more than $30 billion over the next three years, and they're going to squeeze most of that money out of seniors by denying them care.

Now, anyone who needs a hip or knee replacement or cataract surgery will have to wait at least four months instead of the usual (already too long) three weeks.

Some of these patients will literally die waiting, especially if a fragile hip or knee or poor vision leads to a deadly fall -- and that's where the real savings kick in.

It's sick -- and you ain't seen nothing yet, because a $30 billion deficit is nothing next to the massive shortfalls that ObamaCare will face right out of the gate.

We're already getting an ugly preview as state Medicaid programs slash services to make up for their own empty piggybanks. In Arizona, for example, Medicaid patients are being denied liver, lung and bone marrow transplants unless they can fund the procedures themselves.

Newsflash: If a patient's on Medicaid, he's certainly not going to be able to fund his own organ transplant.

One gravely ill patient was told to cough up $200,000 -- or the donated liver he had lined up from a dying friend would go to someone else.

He couldn't pay -- so no money, no liver.

The cruel reality is that, in this case, at least someone got the donated liver. Even if it wasn't the intended recipient, a life was ultimately saved.

But mark my words: When we're all on government-run ObamaCare programs, the time will come when donated organs and bone marrow go to waste -- because there won't be any money at all for transplants.  from Douglas Md


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