Friday, December 17, 2010

congratulations -competitively we are the best in health care delivery in Canada

"Ontario finishes in first place in this year's rankings, with an overall score that is similar to British Columbia's and New Brunswick's in the clear top-tier. Its wait times are shorter than the national average in most categories including orthopaedic surgery and diagnostic imaging. However, an unusually large number of Ontarians reported waiting more than one month the last time they were referred to a specialist for a new condition. Primary care and problem prevention was a particularly strong area for Ontario. For example, a comparatively large number of Ontarians report having regular access to a family doctor."

The annual Canada Health Consumer Index evaluates healthcare-system performance in the ten provinces from the perspective of the consumer. For the third straight year, Ontario and British Columbia finish with the top scores in the CHCI's overall rankings. Analysts from the Frontier Centre assess whether provincial healthcare systems are meeting the needs of consumers.

Hollecrest & Associates Inc   -"Turnaround Consultants"  .

Sunridge Lodge  "Back to Eden" quality 24/7 care
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"Building elder peer communities that are cozy,caring and comfortable" -
Brant Positive Action Group -a positive community affirmative action group that promotes goodwill and timely cost effective creative solutions to enhance the competitive well being of Brant Brantford and Six Nations  

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