Wednesday, May 06, 2009

land claims and just more Bull

What a unprofessional waste of resources - score 0 for the taxpayers, 0 for the Indians, and millions for the lawyers running this charade PR

"It's a witch hunt" Calnan says he did not leak confidential information
Posted By Michael-Allan Marion Expositor Staff Posted 8 hours ago

City Coun. James Calnan says those branding him as an information leaker are part of a "witch hunt" to make him a scapegoat for a failed strategy to deal with the fallout of unresolved native land claim issues.

"It's a witch hunt. You decide who the witch is and burn him," Calnan, accompanied by peace advocate Jan Vandersteldt, said Tuesday in a hastily called news conference at the foot of the monument to Joseph Brant in Victoria Park.

He said opponents who are after him would rather attack him with an investigation into an alleged leak from a closed-door council meeting more than two months ago than admit that an expensive legal fight by the city to obtain an injunction against Six Nations activists is doomed to failure.

In the news conference, Calnan related his anger over attacks against him from council colleagues and others as the dispute over land claims and native protests drags on.

"I've been taking kicks on this for the last year," he said of his opposition to the "collective idiocy" behind the city's confrontational position and its marginalization of him.

"I'm tired of this bullshit."

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Q-jumpers said...

All taxpayers are tired of the Bull Shit including yours councilor!