Friday, May 15, 2009

It is time to stop the chaos on council

It is time to stop the chaos on council

Who really spammed the Brantford taxpayers this week ? Levac/Charest where not allowed to speak due to righteous council decorum.

So is Brantford open for business or not?

You would think that if our senior public representative ie  MPP Levac- a channel of our funds at Queens park and a developer /major taxpayer of major land holdings wish to present something to council in public (not behind closed doors) that the councillors would give them the courtesy to be heard? What reality or world are they, our councillors,  living in ? It should be about creating real jobs, a viable new tax base   not talking about it,studying it - or spending more of our tax money in behind closed door pet schemes or paying more money to their friends,or people that they are supposed to lead, control or direct.

They could not spare 20 minutes to listen to a future big picture solution. Why not? - Well the integrity report and the juicy Carpenter Callahan soap opera was more interesting of course. Even then councillors could not listen and follow the basic recommendations of the independent commissioner. Could penalizing their own council members for bad or inappropriate conduct set a terrible potential accountability precedent ? Is contempt of impartial independent commissioner findings   permitted? Stay tuned to find out as the drama with our "righteous council " unfolds.  Sad -thankfully  an election is coming soon . Maybe some professionalism , public ward representation not special interest representation ,common sense and financial sanity can then be re-established


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Anonymous said...

Dave is doing his job

Re: MPP needs to get head out of blue sky.

The Dave Levac we know. Dave supports and attends every fundraiser and public event possible. We saw him at the first of four events he was attending on Saturday evening. Dave listens to everyone at every event. He knows what the people are thinking.

Dave quickly dealt with a situation where funding had been denied for a day program for my (special needs) sister due to a glitch in the postal system. Funding was rapidly restored with Dave's quick and effective intervention. Dave took a gesture of collecting pens for my sister, made mention of it to the speaker of the house, Steve Peters, and it turned into a full-blown Telfer Place community event!

Perhaps it's his teacher/principal background that is responsible for Dave's can-do, dream-big attitude. Frankly, it's a breath of fresh air. If Dave says it can be done, it's at least worth looking at and trying.