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Ontario's New tax hike

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  You are about to become the victim of the largest tax hike in our 
        history. How will this affect you? Let?s start with just a few things
        that are to be charged the extra 8% and see if it will affect you or
        your family.

 Ontario's new tax hike

        As a concerned taxpayer I feel it is important to have you all
        understand what the new HST or "blended tax?"means to Ontarians. It
        amazes me that this announcement has slipped by without a ripple, and
        yet when I tell people about the impact to them they are all shocked.

        The intended purpose is to blend the GST and the PST into one tax.This
        will cut down the paperwork burden for Ontario businesses and, in
        theory, lessen staff by merging both departments. This could be a noble
        attempt to cut costs. There is just one problem. Rather than just
        blending the products and services that now charge both taxes, the
        provincial government has decided that it will apply this new tax to
        almost all goods and services that you do not pay PST on now!

        You are about to become the victim of the largest tax hike in our 
        history. How will this affect you? Let?s start with just a few things
        that are to be charged the extra 8% and see if it will affect you or
        your family.

        Home heating fuel
        Used cars
        Government and city services
        Any service you now use for your home or business such as repairs,
        professional services of any kind, construction materials etc.
        These are just a few.

        See this article about how the 1000.00 BRIBE they are offering will not
        even cover ½ of the increased cost to the average family. This tax hits
        Ontarians hard, but ESPECIALLY the low income ones! They will have an 8%
        increase in everyday life, and yet you will not see their benefits or
        salaries rise.

        Actually almost everything currently without PST in your life except
        children's clothing, prescriptions, diapers, and feminine hygiene
        products will now cost you 8% more. Oh and here is a kicker. The fuel
        tax will slide with the increasing cost of that fuel.

        Our premier is counting on taxpayers to do what they always do when a
        new tax is added. Nothing! It is very important that you start to
        research and discuss this with your friends and family. It is not too
        late to stop this if you are willing to do something as send an email to
        the premier asking him either to a) stop the tax grab all together or b)
        do what was originally intended and blend the tax on the products that
        now have both taxes and not to extend the new tax to everything else. If
        you just sit there remember you lose the right to complain about taxes
        ever again. Get UP and start telling everyone about this injustice and
        we can stop this today. Don't think your email will not count. Most MP's
        get 10 emails, they consider it a catastrophe!

        Send your objection to:


Today, smack dab in the middle of a tsunami of horrible economic news, the Ontario provincial Liberal government has introduced what many will see as a massive tax grab, just when we all can least afford it.
On Canada Day, July 1st, 2010, Ontarians can not only celebrate the birth of their nation, they can also celebrate a new harmonized sales tax system that will pump up the coffers of our provincial government and empty out the pockets of taxpayers. 

But don't worry people ... we have elected a compassionate and magnanimous crew down at Queen's Park. They've announced that over a two year period, you'll be receiving three rebate cheques that will total $1,000 as a hand up from your elected officials to help offset the costs you "might" incur due to the sales tax harmonization. 

What, pray tell, might those extra costs that you "might" incur be on? That KFC Wrapper you pick up for lunch; your morning cup 'o joe at Timmy's; that newspaper you read; that vet bill you willingly pay for your beloved pet; your prescription drugs; the gas you put in your car; the oil or gas you have delivered to your home to keep you and your family warm; etc. etc. 

$166 a year to drink coffee and eat snacks at work; 
$156 a year to drive your car; 
$72 a year extra to heat your home; 
$55 a year to get your hair cut, go out and see a movie and send your clothes to the cleaners; 
$33 a year to read The Star; 
$50 a year to to prevent pregnancy (The Pill); 

These are but a few that I've worked out as a starting point. As you can see, in year 1, we're already over $500 (remember the bribe the Liberals are giving us, that $1,000 rebate cheque spread over two years). As I said, this is only just a starting point and I've used very conservative figures like $20 a month for haircuts, $20 a month for dry cleaning and $10 a month for movies. 

Thinking about selling your home? Add about $2,000 to your closing costs. 

Thinking about buying a new one? In 2008, the Toronto Real Estate Board said that the average house price was about $404,000. If you were thinking about buying a newly built home for about that much (by the way, best of luck finding one for that price!) you would pay an additional $8,000 in taxes. If you had the gall to up the ante and buy a brand spanking new home for $500,000, instead of it costing you $500K that brand new home would cost you $540,000. In other words, you'd have to pay the full 8% PST, or an additional $40,000. 

So tell me, why aren't you bowing down and scrapping your forehead off the floor at the feet of Dalton McGuinty et al thanking them so much for that extra $1,000 rebate cheque (which, by the way also is only for the first two years after implementation, after that its all gravy for the government)? I know my forehead will be clean, and come Oct. 2011 when the next provincial government election happens, I will remember this and remind as many other Ontario voters as I can, thank you very much.

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