Thursday, March 02, 2006 - Editorial - A modest step forward

Wow - an attempt to get value for taxpayer money - and in Canada you say ! PR - Editorial - A modest step forward: "And it's in keeping with his overall objectives of phasing out the business tax over time, reducing bureaucratic costs and improving front-line services.
Katz did not cut the business tax this year, and never promised to.
Instead, he put a 15% cap on increases to businesses whose assessment grew beyond that rate in 2006.
It's a reasonable solution to what was turning into an explosive situation for hundreds, maybe thousands, of businesses in the city that were facing tax increases as high as 60% to 100%.
You can't tell the business community you plan to phase out a tax and then stand idly by and watch some businesses' taxes soar.
Katz is also recommending that city council instruct the city's chief administrative officer to find savings of $4.7 million, including $2.9 million in cuts to senior and middle management.
It's a small step towards reducing bureaucratic costs and we would have preferred a bolder and more informed approach"

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