Friday, March 17, 2006

'Heads should roll'

It is sad that we pay so much to get so little-what a sham. PR - Editorial - 'Heads should roll': "The system broke down to such a degree that this little girl was not a concern of government any more when she should have been.
The question is: How systemic is this problem? If this can happen to one child, it's likely that it can happen to others. Something is seriously wrong with a system that can break down so easily.
Make no mistake, the people responsible for the death of Phoenix Sinclair are those who allegedly murdered her.
But government has to take some responsibility for failing to ensure that this helpless little girl did not get the protection she deserved.
It is unconscionable that CFS staff would not track and monitor a little girl who was so at risk that she had to be taken away from her mother at birth.
Kim Edwards, who cared for Sinclair for three years as a foster parent, said 'heads should roll' in government over this tragedy. "

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