Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mysterious death

Great 21 agencies -and not one who takes responsibility for the questionable service What poor value for money - if we hold our nose too long -we will suffacate PR - Manitoba - Mysterious death: "The Traverse family says they were concerned about Lawrence's children.
'There were signs of abuse and we kept phoning (child and family services)... I kept phoning, but they didn't believe me,' said Lawrence's brother, Darryl Traverse.
'Every time I'd get her home for a visit, she had a runny nose, or a bump on her head or a bruise on her chest, or her legs, her arms,' Lawrence said. 'Since she was in care, I noticed she was bruised up. But they didn't say nothing, they said she fell on her own.'
The provincial government, which runs the Child Protection Branch -- the department which oversees Manitoba's child protection agencies -- refused to comment on Lawrence's claims. Under the Child and Family Services Act, they cannot speak about specific cases, a department spokesman said.
The Child Protection Branch also wouldn't confirm which of Manitoba's 24 child and family service agencies was handling Heaven and her siblings"

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