Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When will the bubble burst?

There is a natural financial correction every 25 years. Do you remember 18% interest rates in the 80's . Those in priveledged monopoly positions with their inflated wages -those normally protected from economic realities will feel the pain. Beware you are heading for a painful and rude awakening. Question your ability to sustain or survive your existing life style. The question to ask yourself is:
  • Inflated salaries means inflated living costs- can you afford or sustain your 4000 sq ft house or palace for 2-if your real salary or personal revenue is reduced dramatically . (Conserve and save - lower your consumption habits and expectations.) CYA.
  • Can we sustain inflated salaries and wages when we compete with the rest of the world?
  • Check what a policeman, teacher, judge, jailgaurd, doctor, nurse,other workers are paid in China or India -the reality check .
  • Are you worth the money when those in China produce the same products for 10% of what you produce?

Do you really believe that a corrupt and bloated "over tax it" government that has failed in economics 101 can help you? The fall of the " roman empire" is a economic reality. Greed and everyone for themselves will continue to prevail at great personal cost for those that pay for the misadventures of over inflated non performancers. If you can't compete you will perish.

Be aware , forearmed and forwarned - get ready for the unpleasantness of economic reality.

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